Internet of Things

The Internet of Things links together networks, devices, and data. It helps you learn more about the things vital to every level of your business. To build your IoT solution successfully you need agile products, services, and networks that enable you to gain real-time insights about the things your company values most.

Connecting more IoT devices than any other provider in North America with a global network that reaches over 200 countries and territories, AT&T will empower your growth and innovation through the Internet of Things.


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IoT Technology and services

Not sure where to start? Our dedicated team offers a vast array of services. From consulting, to determine which of your devices and objects need to be connected, to providing the platforms you need to get the best information out of those devices, we can ensure your company's smooth transition into the Internet of Things.

  • Networks for the Internet of Things

    Network services

    IoT Networks connect your people, processes, and applications to systems that can enhance communications on land, overseas, and in the air.

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      Winner of the 2015 Compass Intelligence Mobility Award for M2M Cellular Service Provider Of The Year

  • Platforms and Development

    Simplify IoT with development and management platforms, so you can more easily and quickly build network-enabled products and take them to market.

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    More than 50% of developers actively working on IoT solutions are thinking globally. —IDC

  • Professional Services

    The Internet of Things can be overwhelming, even to seasoned vets. That’s why our team of experts is ready to help you find the right mix of services and solutions. We offer everything from M2M consulting to data reporting, so you can focus on your own area of expertise.

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    Because one size doesn’t fit all: Our professional services teams are ready to help you design and implement solutions to your exact specifications.

    Be first to market with our rapid prototyping services and dev kits.

  • Security

    As billions of devices become connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), security solutions enable their safe and reliable operation. At AT&T, we’re committed to helping protect our customers’ businesses and reducing risks by applying security expertise and solutions. Our layered security approach for IoT is designed to protect the device, network, and systems, and it supports threat management requirements.

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    With more than 25 years of security experience, we can help you implement new IoT solutions with confidence.

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IoT Solutions

We have pre-packaged solutions with applications in practically any industry. Manufacturing. Healthcare. Utilities. Transportation.
You name it, we can make it smarter.

  • Vehicle Solutions

    Vehicle Solutions

    Increase control, improve efficiencies, and enjoy new business opportunities with Vehicle Solutions that range from connected cars and fleets to usage-based insurance telematics.

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    • Explore, entertain, and interact on the go in near real-time – enjoy traffic, news and streaming all at your fingertips.

    • More than 10 million vehicles are expected to be on our network by the end of 2017.

    • GPS-based vehicle tracking and fleet management, delivering information when you need it.

  • Asset Management

    AT&T Asset Management solutions capture and deliver near real-time information on the current location, movement, and status of land, air, and sea cargo. Gain a complete view of your inventory and take control over your entire supply chain from origin to destination.

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    • Trace air cargo across the globe and keep your supply chain in your control with AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe®.

    • Track the location of your sea containers in transport - from ship to shore to virtually anywhere.

    • Monitor the current location and status of the assets you’re shipping or storing with AT&T Asset Management.

  • Smart Cities

    Smart cities

    AT&T is combining the Internet of Things to make cities smarter by delivering solutions that offer proven capabilities to engineer and manage large, complex ecosystems.

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    • Coverage, reliability, technology, and applications all working together.

      Prepaid Billing – Give your customers more flexibility with energy payment solutions while also reducing operating costs.

  • Healthcare

    When it comes to healthcare, the more information you have the better. And with our “smart” healthcare solutions – from secure mobile workstations to wearable technology – that’s exactly what doctors and patients get.

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    Adoption of wellness tracking and virtual care solutions will reach 60 million households and 74 million users by 2019.

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IoT Innovations

We invented the car phone in the 1940s. We were there at the infancy of the Internet (in 1969!). And we're currently leading the development of things like connected cars and wearable technologies. It's all part of our proud tradition of innovation. And we'd be glad to work with you to develop innovations of your own.

  • AT&T Foundries

    Our global Foundry® innovation centers are where our pioneering spirit shines brightest. Here, we work side-by-side with other leading companies and entrepreneurs to incubate and develop cutting-edge ideas. The result can be seen in a broad range of sectors, from connected vehicles to home security.

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  • Working with AT&T

    Our experts are a great place to start getting answers to questions like “Should we build or buy?” or ”Which process should we automate first?” We understand considerations of time, capital and risk in developing M2M solutions, so we listen, then we act, having delivered results for many years, to meet business needs that are obvious and not so obvious. Work with us, and we'll help bring all of the components of a winning IoT solution together for you.

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What you need to know about IoT wide area networks

  • Choosing the right WAN technology for the Internet of Things

    In the push to create the next great IoT app, companies and developers could overlook a major factor: the network. It’s not enough simply to connect to the Internet of Things. You need to connect to the type of network that best fits the specific demands of device, location, and situation.

    The Internet of Things is giving us new and better experiences by allowing things that were not connected to work seamlessly together, making our lives more efficient in ways that were previously impossible or impractical.

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While we're proud of all of our accomplishments, we're always keenly aware of how they come to fruition: By listening to our customers. We make it a point to understand your challenges before proposing any solutions. And that goes double in the Internet of Things. Only when we work together can we truly pioneer a better future.