Conferencing Services

Communicate and collaborate anytime - from virtually anywhere.

Communicate and collaborate instantly with key decision makers, partners, vendors and customers scattered across geographies and time zones. AT&T integrated conferencing services provide the freedom and flexibility for unfettered, anytime-anywhere collaboration across an array of platforms and devices—so you can focus in real time on the business at hand.

AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx

AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx helps your teams collaborate and increase their reach with a reliable, scalable web conferencing solution.

AT&T Conferencing with Skype for Business

Harness the power of an integrated collaboration solution. AT&T Conferencing with Skype for Business combines the strength of enterprise-grade unified communications with the reach and reliability of AT&T global conferencing—so you can seamlessly connect people across locations, networks, and devices.

AT&T Conferencing with Skype for Business is a Microsoft-certified service that offers user-friendly access to a broad range of voice, web, and video conferencing features as well as advanced connection options. By tapping into the AT&T global, fully managed network, it provides high quality, reliable connectivity—plus all the expertise and support you expect from a world-class communications provider.

AT&T Audio and Web Conferencing

Built on the AT&T global network for enterprise-grade reliability and scalability, AT&T Audio and Web Conferencing services deliver an experience that fits the way you work.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Face time is virtually anytime, anywhere.

Conferencing without complication

Communicate and collaborate quickly and easily, without complicated tools or procedures that get in the way. Bring geographically dispersed teams together in a virtual conference. With our conferencing solutions, you can:

  • Avoid travel time and costs
  • Accelerate business decisions
  • Resolve issues quickly
  • Get products and services to market faster

Flexible conferencing choices

AT&T integrated conferencing services can help you be more productive by giving conference participants the freedom to join meetings seamlessly in a variety of ways, from a variety of device choices, and with a range of integrated conferencing engagement options—including a unified audio, web and video experience.

  • Bring the power of video to your audio and web conferences
  • Enable video participation from both private and public networks across a variety of vendor endpoints
  • Enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based solution for conferencing and collaboration

Give your participants the freedom to join conferences seamlessly from:

  • Video conference rooms
  • Personal video endpoints
  • Software endpoints such as Cisco Jabber™ and mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones
  • Audio-only endpoints

By delivering maximum flexibility, AT&T conferencing services free you to connect, communicate and collaborate with key people, anytime and from virtually anywhere, in the way that best fits your business and work style.

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  • AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx Solution

    Increase your reach and accelerate your business with a reliable, scalable web conferencing solution that offers a selection of meeting solutions to best suit your business needs. An audio conferencing leader, AT&T provides a rich array of global audio capabilities, in conjunction with high-definition (HD) video and extensive WebEx® web conferencing features.

    PDF | 773KB
  • AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center

    In today's fast paced environment, your office communications need to be reliable, versatile, and scalable. AT&T Conferencing with Cisco WebEx Meeting offers premiere audio capabilities combined with a market leading web conferencing platform.

    PDF | 515KB


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White Papers

  • A Best Practice Guide to Pervasive Video

    This paper can help organizations lay the foundation towards achieving productive anytime, anywhere video collaboration from a business, operational and cultural perspective.

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