Software Defined Networking / Network Function Virtualization

Quickly scale and expand your network as needs change with AT&T Network on Demand

AT&T Network on Demand is redefining network service delivery

Today’s digital economy requires businesses to be agile in order to succeed. By leveraging Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) technologies, the AT&T Network on Demand platform gives you the flexibility to change your network services—on demand—and react to a constantly evolving business environment.

AT&T Network on Demand benefits

One of the features enabled by AT&T Network on Demand includes a customer self-service portal to:

  • Increase efficiency by providing near-real time service provisioning
  • Save time by automating your service delivery and reduce provisioning times
  • Quickly scale and expand your network as needs change

AT&T Network on Demand services

The AT&T Network on Demand platform powers a variety of services that help you shift from a static network infrastructure to a software-enabled model.

AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand
Add or change network services, order additional ports, allocate bandwidth and tune your Ethernet connections to applications-specific needs—all in near real-time.
Learn more about AT&T Switched Ethernet on Demand >

AT&T Managed Internet Service on Demand
Utilizing SDN technology, you have more control than ever of your services with the Network on Demand portal. It allows for faster service implementation, bandwidth changes, routing, and firewall policy changes.
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AT&T FlexWare
AT&T FlexWare, based on SDN and NFV technologies, helps you break the traditional appliance-based networking model so you have more flexibility and control. Using Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs), instead of managing and purchasing multiple hardware devices at each site, you can simply run AT&T FlexWare Applications on a single AT&T FlexWare Device. Your AT&T FlexWare Devices and Applications can be configured and managed with software allowing you to control your network in near-real time.
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  • SDN and NFV technologies hold the potential to shift from static network architecture to a software-centric network
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