DWDM and SONET Ring Services

Designed for ever growing bandwidth capacity needs

AT&T ring solutions provide virtually uninterrupted access to your information through redundant, cost-effective transport for data, voice and applications.

The duplex architecture of DWDM and SONET solutions helps restore critical business applications within milliseconds of a disruption. If a failure occurs, your ring solution switches data traffic to a secondary path, helping to keep applications running.

  • DWDM technology provides a failure-resistant environment using a fiber-optic ring architecture for near-zero data loss and 100% availability.
  • SONET capabilities switch data traffic from a primary ring to a secondary support ring path within milliseconds of a disruption to help eliminate downtime.

Experience maximum uptime with Ring Solutions

With AT&T ring services, you’ll get the protection of 24x7 monitoring and rapid issue resolution to help ensure that your network performs at an optimum level. When you consolidate traffic onto ring architecture, you reduce the number of access points and simplify network management. Ring solutions can:

  • Support an array of services including voice services, virtual private network (VPN), managed Internet, business continuity, storage applications, hosting and more
  • Support nearly all applications, so you can aggregate critical business applications into one highly reliable network
  • Connect offices across town or across the country, and connect rings in different cities

Choose the DWDM or SONET solution for you

AT&T has more than 20 years of experience designing and supporting DWDM and SONET ring services. Our technical consultants can help you choose a solution based on your specific business needs. You’ll benefit from:

  • Exceptional customer care, from inception through lifecycle. AT&T can plan, design, implement and maintain your custom solution
  • 100% availability service level agreements (SLAs) in many cases, accomplished by utilizing redundancy, protection and diversity
  • Scalable technology to accommodate company growth. AT&T offers virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity and configuration/application flexibility
  • The reliability of our high-performance network

DWDM and SONET for privacy and security

Having a network that can outsmart breaches is especially important for industries that hold or transmit private customer information. Ring architectures are known for their reliability and performance, and security is the number one value in any optical transport network. With AT&T ring services and a dedicated optical transport network, you’ll get innate private data transport and mission critical data protection. Here’s how:

  • DWDM and SONET can be deployed within a dedicated optical transport network in which the fiber and its associated hardware are provided for the exclusive use of a single customer.
  • If intrusion to the fiber is detected, the data is immediately switched to an alternate path while the problem is investigated.
  • No other business can use the same fiber components, which reduces the risk of data compromise.
  • DWDM and SONET ring services can carry different types of traffic at different speeds. This allows you to set different protection levels for each type of traffic, thus applying extra protection to more sensitive data.
  • The networks may be designed with diverse entry points to further reduce the risks of single points of failure.

DWDM and SONET ring services and disaster recovery

In the event of a potential disruption or disaster, the self-healing technology of ring services can help keep your business running. Because AT&T ring services form a redundant network, they are an excellent option for industries that can’t afford downtime, such as financial firms, broadcasters, health care companies and government industries. AT&T DWDM and SONET ring services:

  • Allow you to consolidate Ethernet, data, video and voice/VoIP traffic on a single, reliable platform, supported by the anchoring ring design. If traffic fails on one path, data is immediately switched to the alternate path to provide almost instant recovery from many disasters.
  • Provide flexible networking options to meet operational needs.
  • May employ battery back-up capabilities for added protection.

AT&T DWDM and SONET solutions support voice and data transport requirements and offer:

  • Solutions for more than 20 vertical markets, with ring designs that range in complexity and size
  • Secure and redundant dual paths (East/West flow as needed) and can provide dual entrance facilities for added continuity at an additional cost
  • The ability to connect locations with or without interexchange POPs or IDC's (Internet Data Centers)

DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing)

DWDM dramatically increases the bandwidth and traffic flexibility of optical fiber. DWDM allows a single fiber to carry different data streams by transmitting each on its own wavelength. DWDM allows for different protocols, including SONET, Gigabit Ethernet (GE), 10GE, and Fibre Channel, to be carried over an optical band or wavelength and multiplies the capacity of a single fiber, thereby eliminating the need for extra data conversion services. DWDM wave rings:

  • Are ideal for storage applications, disk mirroring and other high bandwidth real-time applications like video
  • Support bandwidth requirements from 100 Mbps up to 100 Gbps
  • Support channel by channel protection options that deliver the maximum customer flexibility
  • SONET integration delivers DS1/DS3, lower level Ethernet (10 Mbps) and allows Wave Rings to connect to your other Telco services.

AT&T Ring solutions utilize a responsive, easy to manage and highly secure network using DWDM technology that is engineered to meet your unique business requirements. Manage all your traffic, including most common optical protocols, over one network. Transfer large amounts of data at high speeds between local locations or across the country, and add or change applications as your business needs change.

SONET (Synchronous Optical Network)

Fiber-based SONET ring service is a great choice for enterprises that need failure-resistant networks and move a high volume of voice/VoIP, video and data traffic between branch offices, data centers and other locations. Its duplex architecture can help restore your critical business applications within milliseconds of a disruption. It can also scale easily, so your network can grow as bandwidth requirements increase.

Utilizing SONET technology, an AT&T ring solution:

  • Allows you to consolidate Ethernet, data, video, and voice/VoIP traffic on a single, reliable platform
  • Is available in configurations which can sustain as much as 9.95 gigabits per second of traffic
  • Provides flexible networking options to meet your operational needs

SONET is an ANSI North American standard for high-capacity optical telecommunications networks. The industry acceptance of the SONET multiplexing scheme for optical signaling has made it the implementation of choice where high bandwidth and failure resistant technologies are needed, such as when an enterprise has a high volume of video, voice/VoIP and data. Supported protocols include:

  • OC-3 through OC-192 bandwidths
  • DS1, DS3, STS1, OC-3, OC-48 standard service channels
  • 10/100, 50 Mbps, 150 Mbps, 300 Mbps, 450, 600 Mbps and 1 Gbps
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