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Ethernet: Fast, familiar, and flexible connectivity

Create a foundation for dependable, lightning-fast performance. Make AT&T your Ethernet service provider that will support essential voice, video and data applications while providing a vital on-ramp to the Internet and your VPN network. And with a range of bandwidth and configuration options that reach gigabit speeds, AT&T Ethernet service can be adapted to meet virtually any challenge.

Central to Ethernet’s flexibility is a new solution: AT&T Switched Ethernet ServiceSM on Demand capability. With this solution, you can now plan, build and scale your network faster and with even greater control.

Bring your local sites even closer with Ethernet

Connect multiple sites with high speed that include gigabit Ethernet, and get greater control with the flexibility to grow. As your business evolves and new opportunities emerge, Ethernet can change with you—while also providing exceptional protection and continuity for applications across many different locations.

Easily provision and scale your network by taking advantage of AT&T Switched Ethernet Service with an on demand capability. You'll have direct self-service access to scale bandwidth up or down, add new sites or change features in near real time.

Expand your business with Wide Area Ethernet

Help your enterprise reach its national or international potential. Wide Area Ethernet can enhance the breadth and consistency of your network by connecting your Metro Ethernet sites, data hubs and call centers.

Network on Demand has arrived

Now you can plan, provision and scale your network on demand. Add services, order additional sites and ramp up capacity in near real time—all of which is made possible through the power and flexibility of software-defined and virtualization technologies.

Take advantage of powerful applications

Create a robust, high-speed network that’s ready for anything. Our MPLS-based Ethernet solutions can help you get the most out of bandwidth-intensive applications and processes, such as:

  • Distance learning
  • Digital radio
  • Telemedicine / telesurgery
  • TV station broadcasts
  • Broadcast of streaming video
  • Retail video
  • High-volume file transfers

Protect data and minimize network downtime

Keep communications flowing. AT&T Ethernet can provide the connectivity and reliability that your network needs, as well as:

  • Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) delivered on the AT&T MPLS core network
  • Data transfers with up to 10 Gbps of speed
  • The ability to easily access your business applications
  • Access to data storage and branch offices on one network
  • Control over bandwidth to maximize efficiency
  • Low latency and high bandwidth for quicker backup times
  • Data packet prioritization
  • Energy-efficient architectures

Enhance your core capabilities with AT&T Ethernet

Build a solid framework for voice, data and video applications. Ethernet is a highly secure, ultra-fast networking technology that can help your organization:

  • Control costs by incorporating Ethernet with existing equipment
  • Connect any combination of sites—from local to wide-area networks
  • Get efficient, high-performance access to other networks

Streamline communication between local,regional and international sites

Bring all of your locations even closer together. AT&T Ethernet helps deliver important applications to large and small offices within a metropolitan area, across the country or even internationally. It provides an essential on-ramp to the Internet as well as a vital connection to your wide area networks like your VPN.

Accelerate operations with the versatility of Ethernet

Equip your business to take on virtually any challenge. AT&T Ethernet can be scaled and modified to support the most bandwidth-intensive applications—while also keeping your business efficient, responsive and ready for change.

  • Voice over IP
  • Streaming video
  • Data and call center connectivity
  • E-learning
  • Telemedicine
  • image transfers
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  • AT&T Switched Ethernet Service

    Ethernet is the predominant computer networking technology on LAN’s (Local Area Network) today. It’s familiar, easy to use and very compatible with the computers, desktops and other equipment in your office.

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Case Studies



  • Network on Demand

    With Network on Demand, you can scale your bandwidth up or down, and switch network services in real time. Choose a network that responds to your business in real time.

    Video | [1:47]
  • Move Beyond Your LAN with Ethernet Services

    Ethernet services are common to many Local Area Networks and are growing in popularity for use in Enterprise networks. In addition to being familiar and easy to use, Ethernet can deliver fast speeds, is versatile and is widely available. Watch this short video and see why Business Ethernet is such a fast growing technology.

    Video | [3:08]



White Papers

  • 2014 United States Business Metro Carrier Ethernet Services Market Leadership Award

    Frost & Sullivan presents its 2014 Market Leadership Award in the U.S. Business Metro Carrier Ethernet Services Market to AT&T Inc. This award is in recognition of AT&T’s ability to achieve leading market share position, through a combination of broad portfolio of service offerings, excellent marketing strategy, and industry leading service level agreements (SLAs).

    PDF | 2MB

Additional Resources


  • Infographic: AT&T Ethernet Solutions Built for Business

    With AT&T Ethernet you can enable high-bandwidth applications like voice, video, and data across your business locally, nationally, or globally. It’s scalable as your usage grows, and it can prioritize and route the most critical traffic.

    PDF | 110KB
  • Imagine a future where your network responds to your business on demand.
  • Ethernet Services from AT&T: Leverage what you have today to build tomorrow's Network.
  • What is Ethernet? Handle more data, more bandwidth, more end-points, and bigger workloads.
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AT&T Receives 2015 Frost & Sullivan Award

Frost & Sullivan 2014 Best Practices Award: U.S. Business Metro Carrier Ethernet Services Market Leadership Award