Mobile Safety with Rave Solutions

Mass notification system, anonymous tips, and campus safety app

Enhance your communication, safety and risk management strategies. Rave Solutions from AT&T is a family of products that can enable schools, government and enterprise clients to quickly communicate with individuals and groups at critical moments.

Rave Messenger from AT&T

Quickly reach individuals and groups with a reliable, multi-modal, mass notification

Rave Guardian from AT&T

Give students and parents peace of mind. Help transform your mobile device with a campus safety app that can connect students with the tools they need to quickly reach friends, family or campus security.

Rave EyeWitness from AT&T

Help increase community safety with an SMS-based, text-a-tip solution that can enable people to send anonymous reports to authorities.


Businesses need solutions that can enhance communications, risk management and safety. With Rave Solutions you can:

  • Send regular updates and critical alerts via multi-channel mass notifications (including SMS and voice) to employees.
  • Provide employees with a safety app that alerts campus security if they are in need of help.

College & Universities

Institutions of higher education need the ability to provide campus-wide critical alerts and other types of communication from the university.

With Rave Solutions you can:

  • Send multi-channel mass notifications to students and faculty on campus.
  • Provide students with a campus safety app that alerts friends, family or security if they are in need of help.
  • Use polling and reporting features to enhance community interactions.


Bullying and campus crime are top priorities for many school districts. Rave EyeWitness gives individuals the power to report potential problems or conflicts anonymously via text.


For governmental bodies, keeping communities safe and connected is key. AT&T Rave Solutions enable federal, state and municipal organizations to:

  • Send regular updates and critical alerts via multi-channel mass notifications (including SMS and voice) to employees.
  • Collaborate with citizens on crime through SMS-based, text-a-tip technology.

Communicate critical alerts with Rave Messenger from AT&T

Rave Messenger from AT&T is a simple, reliable way to broadcast important messages to higher-education, government and enterprise communities of all sizes. As a mass notification system, Rave Messenger can allow users to deliver content-rich communications to students and staff with remarkable speed and through a variety of channels:

  • Text
  • Email
  • Voice
  • Social media
  • RSS

Rave Messenger also helps increase student engagement via optional Blackboard integration. Students can receive automatic alerts via text or email when classmates post new discussion threads, helping to improve the out-of-classroom learning experience.

In addition, robust reporting and response capabilities allow administrators to monitor the status of notifications in a real-time environment.

Enhance campus safety with Rave Guardian from AT&T

With Rave Guardian from AT&T, users can directly link to campus safety organizations with their mobile devices in either an active or passive mode. When the user initiates a panic call or the precautionary timer expires, the user’s photo and profile information are sent directly to campus security (including location if the device supports GPS). Guardian is user-friendly and can integrate seamlessly with existing dispatch processes and can help officers respond quickly and effectively.

Strengthen community safety with Rave EyeWitness from AT&T

Many students and citizens are hesitant to report a potentially dangerous event. Text messaging through Rave EyeWitness is quick, easy and discreet. It allows users to provide anonymous reports to authorities without alerting people in the vicinity of an incident.

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