Mobile Connectivity

Efficiently connect employees to enterprise resources

Expand access to essential files and applications. Mobile connectivity from AT&T creates a reliable, highly secure link between remote employees and your core network—so they can work and collaborate seamlessly between locations and devices.

The AT&T mobile connectivity family spans a wide range of solutions, including:

Mobile Remote Access Services

Extend the reach of your VPN with mobile access from AT&T. Provide a consistent, highly secure user experience from virtually anywhere, anytime, with almost any device.


AccessMyLan from AT&T allows employees to connect the office from virtually any location, while you can set policies to control access to websites, apps, and more.

Commercial Connectivity Service

Commercial Connectivity Service from AT&T extends your WAN into our cellular network, so your employees can access critical resources from virtually anywhere.

NetMotion Mobility from AT&T

Flexible and reliable mobile VPN for highly secure remote access.

AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management

AT&T Dynamic Traffic Management improves Quality of Service (QoS) by prioritizing mission-critical data over the AT&T-owned domestic 4G LTE network. Learn more at AT&T.

Augment network access and increase control over users and devices.

Deploy Mobile Connectivity with:

AT&T Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Simplify the complexity of monitoring and managing a large fleet of mobile devices. MDM offers powerful, nuanced control over the settings, applications and capabilities of each device connected to your enterprise network.

Choose from a broad selection of mobile connectivity solutions

The mobile connectivity family comprises a wide range of services, from fully managed to hosted applications, end-to-end solutions. Our mobility specialists can help you find the one that best augments the reach and reliability of your network—regardless of your organization’s size, structure or growth strategy.

Build your mobile capabilities on a solid network foundation

Extend the reach of your core infrastructure. Each of our mobile connectivity solutions draws on the strength and reliability of our global, IP-based network and provides a highly secure framework for accessing mission-critical applications.

Simplify access across devices

Facilitate productivity in the field. Mobile connectivity creates a consistent user experience that enables employees to quickly and easily access important resources while on the go, whether they’re using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Strengthen business continuity with mobile connectivity

Keep users connected to critical applications. Our mobile connectivity solutions can serve as a fully redundant, mobile backup link to your core network to help avoid interruptions in service—so employees can stay productive and responsive to coworkers, customers and vendors.

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  • Maximize your WAN: Commercial Connectivity Service

    In a competitive landscape, connecting remote workers and branch locations to the enterprise WAN is necessary, and flexibility in the connections to the WAN is important. Cellular access technology enables enterprises to support remote worker and branch office access to the enterprise WAN, providing access diversity in backup applications.

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