Mobile Applications for Business

Develop mobile apps to transform the way you work.

AT&T offers prepackaged mobile applications that can drive growth for lines of business, provide instant answers from analytics apps, deepen customer relationships with engaging, contextual content and transform your business with industry specific applications.

If your needs are more specific, work with our developers and platforms to create custom, state-of-the-art mobile apps – for a sharper competitive edge. Our mobile business applications include:

Enhanced Push-to-Talk

Enhance productivity by instantly connecting employees and applications using the nation's fastest, most reliable network.

Workforce Management

Wirelessly Track, Monitor and Enable Your Fleet.

Mobile Commerce Solutions

AT&T Commerce Connect is a complete mobile engagement platform that allows businesses to streamline various types of consumer interactions, from tickets to loyalty cards to coupon offers – all by leveraging smart phone technology.

Pre-built mobile application solutions:

AT&T provides prepackaged applications that can help manage fleets, extend office functionality, provide near-real time data from the field, improve customer service and communications, and help specific industries and business functions. These mobile business apps include:

Line of Business Apps

Drive sustainable growth for all your lines of business — including finance, HR, manufacturing, procurement, sales, service, and supply chain.

Industry Apps

Virtualize, accelerate, and transform your business with industry-specific mobile apps that help you redefine your customer and partner relationships, cut costs, and improve productivity.

Business Analytics Mobile Apps

Get instant answers from your data — for faster, more informed decision making from virtually anywhere, on nearly any device — with our mobile analytics apps.

Consumer Mobile Apps

Deepen customer relationships with engaging, personal, and contextual content — while improving transaction volumes and service levels — with our consumer apps.

Custom design with mobile application development

Collaborate with visionary designers, architects, and developers to create custom, state-of-the-art mobile apps — for a sharper competitive edge. Visit mobile Application Development.

Professional Services & Support

Our team expertly uses tools to design, develop, deploy, and manage the life cycle of mobile applications that are both wireless provider and geographically agnostic. AT&T possesses a deep understanding of customer requirements for application functionality, connectivity, and data access as well as security and authorization. Customers may choose to manage and implement their own mobile application solutions, or bring in professional services, such as AT&T Mobility Solutions Services, to assist with strategy development, implementation and management. We can also assist in deploying changes to the mobile application such as updates, patches or upgrades via the change management process. Please see:

Mobility Consulting

Mobile Application Management

Simplify and accelerate mobile application rollouts for your business

AT&T can speed and simplify the way you develop, deploy and manage cloud-based mobile applications. It provides a set of tools and an infrastructure to help connect mobile workers to designated back-end systems, from nearly any mobile device

This "any application, any device" framework means developers no longer have to adapt applications to specific devices and platforms. They can meet user demands for faster rollouts and focus on developing applications that add new value to the business.

Provide more relevant information faster with Mobile Apps

Mobile applications from AT&T make conducting business simpler. Our apps help provide near real-time data that:

  • Helps provide better customer service
  • Gives instant answers to questions
  • Improves dispatch and response times
  • Allows workers and groups to talk with the push of a button
  • Efficiently tracks and manages employees, vehicles and assets
  • Eliminates paper processes and simplifies warehousing
  • Provides instant communication from M2M-enabled devices and networks

Easily integrate mobile applications with your systems

Mobile applications from AT&T, whether packaged or custom-developed, conform to new design principles. They are built to be device-agnostic and make use of cross-platform tools to help speed deployment, ease management and minimize costs.

Provide a highly secure environment for your mobile apps

AT&T offers comprehensive management and security. Powerful authentication protocols help you set the appropriate level of security at the network, application, server and device level. You can:

  • Add controls to define how content can be stored and shared on devices
  • Deploy, monitor and control applications on each device
  • Fully manage the security and performance of mobile devices
  • Keep personal and business apps separate
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  • AT&T Location Information Services for Retail and Venue Management

    Hybrid location services from AT&T provide highly accurate location-based intelligence to help retail and venue management users connect with their opted-in customers and guests via their smart mobile devices at the most opportune times – both indoors and out – with contextually relevant content.

    PDF | 796KB
  • AT&T Smart Grid Solutions

    Using a prepay solution can drive higher customer satisfaction, energy conservation, and lower utility operating costs.

    PDF | 714KB
  • AT&T WorkBench

    Now with AT&T WorkBench, the AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform (AT&T MEAP) enables enterprises to harness the full power and potential of the iPhone for their field workforces.

    PDF | 589KB
  • TeleNav Track from AT&T

    TeleNav Track combines the latest advances in GPS, wireless and Web technologies to make mobile workforce and asset management an affordable reality for businesses of all sizes.

    PDF | 342KB
  • The Manufacturing Ecosystem - at your fingertips

    Accelerate delivery cycles, improve responsiveness and customer satisfaction, and better manage and control the costs of service delivery. The world's largest high-tech manufacturers benefit from AT&T's expertise, so can your enterprise!

    PDF | 822KB
  • The Automotive Ecosystem - at your fingertips

    Diverse organizations in the automotive industry - parts and components suppliers, OEMs, dealers and after-market service providers - need innovative solutions. AT&T's comprehensive suite of business solutions provides them.

    PDF | 3MB


Case Studies



  • I.C.E. Heating and Cooling Keeps its Business Rolling with Mobile Solutions

    I.C.E.’s technicians get an early start each day, but it’s the company’s use of a suite of mobility solutions that helps them provide top-notch customer service. Not only are they able to cut the service delivery window in half, but they can fit in an extra service call each day while cutting fuel costs by five percent.

    Video | [2:15]


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