Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)

Break Free from the Confines of the Office

When your employees leave the office, are they leaving opportunities behind? That may be the case if they’re missing critical calls and voice messages on their desk phone, playing phone tag with important customers or sacrificing the rich features of their fixed, desk-based phones.

AT&T OfficeDirect can make many of your IP-PBX features that are enjoyed in the office accessible by eligible mobile devices – helping your employees be more responsive and productive from virtually anywhere.

In addition, AT&T OfficeDirect brings a set of unique features that can enhance integration between your wireline and wireless networks.

Converge capabilities with fixed mobile convergence

Greater integration between fixed and mobile environments that can enhance integration between your wireline and wireless networks:

  • A single number to ring on multiple devices simultaneously or sequentially
  • Ability to define a single voicemail box

Increase your potential to lower call rates

The rising popularity of mobile devices can make it hard to control certain wireless costs, especially if you don’t plan ahead. With AT&T OfficeDirect, you may be able to:

  • Establish mobile outgoing call routing parameters
  • Complete select international calls through your PBX via qualified AT&T wireline transport
  • Take advantage of your AT&T wireline usage plans for calls originated from equipped mobile devices

Experience familiar PBX features on your mobile device

Employees want the flexibility of having familiar PBX features on their mobile devices for a consistent experience across wireline and wireless devices. To combine the benefits of both, AT&T OfficeDirect may include some or all of the following PBX features for eligible mobile devices:

  • Abbreviated “extension only” dialing
  • Corporate PBX directory access

AT&T OfficeDirect, can utilize cellular and your on-campus Wi-Fi network, which may enhance your in-building coverage:

  • AT&T OfficeDirect – Available for any AT&T wireless voice-enabled device. Select OfficeDirect plans include an intelligent call routing feature that enables you to route calls over its qualified AT&T wireless services based on customer-determined routing policies.2

Enable your business of tomorrow

With the world’s leading global IP network, a broad portfolio of enterprise solutions and AT&T OfficeDirect can help you take your voice and your business to new places. 

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As you consider FMC for your organization, here are some questions to think about:

Are you trying to reduce international calling costs?

If your employees use mobile phones to place international long distance calls from the U.S., the intelligent call routing capabilities available with AT&T FMC may reduce those calling costs. As a mobile user makes an international call, AT&T FMC enables the call to be routed and connected over a qualified AT&T wireline service via your enterprise PBX based on your already established call routing parameters, taking advantage of your in-place AT&T international usage plan.

Is flexibility critical to your mobility strategy?

AT&T can simplify your voice communications. If you’ve already invested in variety of mobile devices, AT&T FMC may be a good choice, as it supports a range of eligible smartphones. AT&T FMC can be a flexible option if you’ve already invested in devices and wireless service and it can also support a variety of IP-PBX systems.

Do you need a better way to manage end-user calling?

While capabilities vary, AT&T FMC includes call management capabilities to help you limit unapproved or unwanted calling activity. From restricting the types of outgoing calls made to implementing rules for incoming calls, these administrative tools can help you keep costs in line and employees productive.

Do you want a network-based solution?

If you want to simplify and speed FMC deployments, or do not want to invest in building an on-campus Wi-Fi infrastructure, opt for AT&T OfficeDirect. As a network-based offer, no additional capital investments are required on your part. Sold as a voice service feature, it can be readily added to qualified AT&T wireless voice rate plans. Without the need to download, install and run a software client on mobile devices, AT&T OfficeDirect allows you to extend your PBX and roll out a variety of other FMC-specific features with the same functionality.


Evaluate your needs – based on your employee’s devices, connectivity requirements – and engage an AT&T representative to discuss AT&T FMC.

Service Delivery

When you choose our network-based FMC option, we help implement and manage the solution for you.

Customer Support

Our network-based FMC solutions are provided as a service and do not require you to manage and maintain additional hardware or software.

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