Field Solutions

Empower mobile operations with advanced communication and dispatch tools

Augment the productivity and agility of your mobile workforce. Field Solutions from AT&T provide near-instant communication and management tools that can help you streamline operations, keep track of resources and quickly address customer needs.

Enhanced Push-to-Talk

Coordinate people and processes with near-real-time, one-touch communication.

Fleet Management Solutions

Get up-to-date information from your service vehicles, so you can reduce fuel costs, non-compliance issues and employee overtime.

Workforce Management

Fine-tune control over activity in the field. Enable workers to efficiently track time, draft invoices and capture customer data.

Business Messaging

Improve productivity with user-friendly, feature-rich group messaging capabilities.

Field Solutions from AT&T are designed to streamline communications and business processes in virtually any environment. They play a central role in:

Transportation field solutions

Simplify complex delivery operations. These solutions provide near-instant communication and advanced GPS monitoring that can help drivers:

  • Avoid traffic and conserve fuel
  • Switch routes and delivery responsibilities on the fly
  • Access schedules and manifests on mobile devices
  • Gather customer information electronically
  • Submit delivery confirmations and log hours via smartphone or tablet

Utility field solutions

Improve customer service and productivity in the field. Advanced management and messaging capabilities can help utility providers:

  • Monitor and communicate with mobile workers in real time
  • Quickly respond to service outages
  • Efficiently capture customer details via mobile devices
  • Give customers reliable ETAs for appointments

Construction field solutions

Enhance communication and efficiency on remote job sites. Field Solutions can help companies in the construction industry:

  • Coordinate operations between highly dispersed crews
  • Monitor yellow iron with advanced GPS tools
  • Keep track of workers’ locations and availability
  • Improve profitability by reducing overtime and fuel costs
  • Minimize paperwork with web-based forms

Hospitality field solutions

Consistently exceed your customers’ expectations. Integrating AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk with Wi-Fi as well as dispatch, property management and guest service applications can:

  • Help coordinate operations across floors and buildings in near real-time
  • Simplify communication with user-friendly, one-touch Enhanced Push-to-Talk devices
  • Improve customer service by efficiently responding to guests’ needs
  • Enable managers to override Enhanced Push-to-Talk calls and relay time-sensitive messages

Field Solutions from AT&T combine industry-leading communication and dispatch tools to help your business:

  • Connect employees – Keep workers in sync with texting, email and push-to-talk capabilities across locations and devices.
  • Increase visibility – Monitor the location and status of your fleet’s vehicles to minimize travel times, conserve fuel and quickly respond to the most urgent jobs.
  • Cultivate customer loyalty – Give customers narrower, more reliable appointment times. Help workers complete jobs efficiently with powerful, web-based mobile applications.

Improve efficiency with workflow automation

AT&T solutions reduce paperwork in the field by automating everyday processes, so employees can:

  • Get delivery schedules on smartphones and tablets
  • Send job data and proof-of-delivery documents via mobile devices
  • Enter timecard information directly into a digital payroll system

Optimize resource management with field solutions

Stay up-to-date on the location and condition of your mobile assets. We can help your business:

  • Remotely monitor expensive equipment
  • Identify when to schedule routine maintenance—and when to avoid unneeded repairs
  • Avoid unnecessary fuel, insurance and liability costs with advanced controls (like the ability to remotely shut off a vehicle’s engine)

Protect your employees—and your business

Field solutions can help you increase safety and reduce liability risk by providing you with the information you need to more effectively enforce your corporate device usage policies. They can also help you meet compliance standards by automatically recording employee activity for reporting at a later date.

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