Vehicle solutions for Internet of Things

Increase control, improve efficiencies, and enjoy new business opportunities with Vehicle Solutions that range from connected cars and fleets to usage-based insurance telematics.

Make your mobile fleet more efficient

Connected Car

The Internet of Things (IoT) enables automobile manufacturers to invent new ways for customers to experience car ownership and transform their in-vehicle experience. We are advancing the connected car with the AT&T DriveTM platform facilitating automakers to pick and choose the apps, services, and capabilities that help differentiate their products in the marketplace.

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AT&T Fleet Management

AT&T Fleet Management Solutions provide the vehicle, asset tracking, and advanced monitoring tools your organization needs to get the right information to the right people — so your mobile fleet can be more efficient, profitable, and customer-focused.

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Make your mobile fleet more efficient
Identify, retain, and connect with safe drivers

Usage-Based Insurance

Get better insight into your policyholders and achieve a better view of customers behind the wheel. Insurance telematics from AT&T offers a low-risk, affordable way to identify, retain, and connect with safe drivers.

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Reward safe teen driving
Base premiums on actual driver experience



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Pioneering is not a solo effort.

While we're proud of all of our accomplishments, we're always keenly aware of how they come to fruition: By listening to our customers. We make it a point to understand your challenges before proposing any solutions. And that goes double in the Internet of Things. Only when we work together can we truly pioneer a better future.