Networks for the Internet of Things

IoT Networks connect your people, processes, and applications to systems that can enhance communications on land, overseas, and in the air.

AT&T Module Library

The module program with AT&T connects developers with certified module components to help smooth the development, testing, and certification processes. The wide range of approved modules includes 3G, 4G, and 4GLTE, goes from entry level to advanced, and offers different form factors like LGA, surface mount, and PCIe.

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  • PCIe and surface-mount options
  • North America and international choices
  • Defined HSPA downlink and uplink rates
  • Data and data/voice selections


  • Modules meet specifications commonly required among automotive OEMs
  • Minimum HSPA+ rates
  • LTE options
  • Data and data/voice selections


  • Surface-mount form factors
  • Extended temperature ranges
  • LTE options
  • Data and data/voice selections


IoT Device Certification

Completing certification on the AT&T network is an important step in your IoT device launch. Working with our team of experts in the Network Ready Lab (NRL), consumer electronics and IoT device manufacturers have a dedicated pipeline for certification on the AT&T network.

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Global SIM

Remotely deploy, connect, and manage your assets from end-to-end. Supported by our powerful global network, AT&T Global SIM provides worldwide, end-to-end connectivity for large-scale multi-national operations.

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  • 500+ carries image

    The number of carriers our Global SIM can roam on to simplify your communication and device management processes.

  • 200+ countries image

    The number where the AT&T Global SIM can roam to provide you with connectivity from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Global contract image

    One global contract for voice, SMS, and data.

To learn more about embedded devices and Global SIM, read the Global SIM white paper >

To learn how AT&T M2M business solutions can help your business, read Connect your business to do more >


Satellite Connectivity

Connect your assets with a network that reaches new heights. Satellite connectivity can link you to the Internet of Things (IoT) almost anywhere you choose to do business. Remote areas? Yes. Extreme environments? Yes. Multiple sites? No problem. With our satellite solutions, you can stay connected to your assets, machinery, and operations in areas where cellular service may not be available. The result? Greater efficiency, and a better bottom line.

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Satellite dual-mode

Fill gaps in your wireless coverage. Enjoy near seamless switching to satellite coverage and back.

Satellite backhaul

Stay connected and extend your reach and coverage to remote areas. Use a local configuration to link to headquarters and beyond.

Satellite only

Meet demands for high bandwidth over great distances. Connect to mobile and fixed remote locations.

Connect your assets with a network that reaches new heights.

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