Professional Services for the Internet of Things

Our experts can help you with IoT

Things come together faster and work more efficiently with help from AT&T Professional Services. No matter what your business goals are, or the scope of your projects, simplify your Internet of things (IoT) initiatives with our end-to-end, full-service support.

We can help:

  • Implement and manage your IoT initiatives
  • Accelerate innovation and mitigate risks
  • Streamline complex device logistics with customized, integrated solutions
  • Design, develop, and optimize device connection software
  • Control operational and service costs for your connected environment

Services include:

  • Consulting
  • Device lifecycle solutions
  • Application solutions
  • Managed services and support

Avoid common pitfalls of complex IoT projects by working with us. Let our expertise in solution development and design help you get to market quickly and avoid costly challenges that come with taking on new design frontiers like IoT.

Our services can help you achieve:

  • Scale and longevity in design
  • Time and resource savings
  • Lower cost implementations
  • Faster learning by joining an expert IoT ecosystem


Let our experts work with you to help design, test, and implement your IoT projects.

Our methodology helps address four key areas critical to planning and succeeding with new solution development. These areas help maintain project team focus on the important business metrics that transform IoT into a return on investment (ROI).

Consulting services include:


  • Identifies use cases and M2M framework
  • Assesses technologies, device, connectivity, and infrastructure
  • Defines success criteria

Opportunity analysis

  • Outlines roadmap framework and gap analysis
  • Provides recommendations for M2M framework


  • Defines architecture, timelines, solution lifecycle requirements, budget requirements
  • Includes high-level project and implementation plan, executive summary, and best practices
  • Device lifecycle solutions

AT&T is a leader in the global M2M services market. We can streamline your complex device logistics with integrated, customized solutions designed to make the most of your investments.

  • Choosing certified, custom M2M device options can expedite time to market
  • Superior device lifestyle solutions include staging, testing, and kitting. Get SIM installation and turn-up, plus M2M agent installation/configuration
  • Advanced exchange and OEM warranty management, expedited device replacement, and field support services are critical for eliminating hiccups and functioning at top efficiency
  • Application solutions

Half of all developers believe IoT is challenging.1 Make your experience more successful with support that includes:

  • Architecture design
  • Customer portal
  • End-user interface design
  • Optimization and more

Systems integration, device connectivity software, and knowledge of business rules are a few aspects that are critical to successful software development and implementation. Application Services from AT&T offer customized solutions to meet these and other application development needs.

1. Source of stat: IDC, AT&T Developer Survey, August 2015

  • Managed services: advanced support

Full management and support for your M2M environment can help you control operational and service support costs. We provide the support you need for your IoT initiatives:

  • Advanced solution management
  • Change management
  • Monitoring
  • Optimization

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While we're proud of all of our accomplishments, we're always keenly aware of how they come to fruition: By listening to our customers. We make it a point to understand your challenges before proposing any solutions. And that goes double in the Internet of Things. Only when we work together can we truly pioneer a better future.