Asset management and tracking

AT&T Asset Management solutions capture and deliver near real-time information on the current location, movement, and status of land, air, and sea cargo. Gain a complete view of your inventory and take control over your entire supply chain from origin to destination.

AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe®

Trace air cargo across the globe and keep your supply chain in your control with AT&T Cargo View with FlightSafe.®

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Shipping Containers and Trailers

Your fleet, visible from virtually anywhere. Take advantage of the Internet of Things to track and monitor your shipments and assets nearly anywhere in the world.

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Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks

Make every mile and every gallon count. AT&T can help you monitor, manage, and control your storage assets. Meaningful, near-real time tank inventory and movement data can help you to deliver more gallons per stop and reduce the total number of deliveries. AT&T Asset Management for Storage Tanks can help.

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Learn more about Equipment and Machinery

Equipment and Machinery

Shift your business into higher gear. Our equipment and machinery solutions enhance your key assets so they can analyze their environments, tell you when they need maintenance, and more.

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  • 1 million Equipment and Machinery devices connected by AT&T

  • 40% of connected farm machines in the U.S. connect with AT&T

Tractors anticipating their own repairs? Crops requesting a little drink? It’s possible when connected machinery and devices can communicate with farmers in real time.

We connect nearly half of all tractors and harvesters in North America.

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