Virtual Desktop Service

Take employee workspaces into the cloud.

Access important data from any eligible end point device, from anywhere at any time, with Virtual Desktop Service

Optimize productivity with the simplicity of a desktop, servers, and applications in the cloud. AT&T Virtual Desktop Service provides users with flexible, highly secure access to files and applications on a dedicated, fully-managed server platform. With a Virtual Desktop in the cloud, you can:

  • Give users a consistent desktop experience on fixed and mobile devices
  • Help simplify device provisioning and management
  • Conserve capital with affordable, highly scalable cloud resources
  • Take advantage of set, per-desktop pricing

Create reliable workspaces in the cloud with Virtual Desktop Service

AT&T Virtual Desktop Service is built on the strength of the AT&T network and the established security and reliability of our Internet Data Centers. It provides:

  • Highly secure access to files and applications from a wide range of devices
  • Robust network infrastructure for a high performance, low latency experience
  • Enterprise-grade encryption

Do more with your hosted resources

We offer a variety of managed services that can help you get the most of your cloud desktop experience:

  • Managed email
  • Managed Infrastructure Services
  • Dedicated or Virtual Server setup and management
  • Proactive application monitoring
  • Management of your Active Directory
  • File Sharing and Collaboration

Virtual Desktop Service from AT&T provides a seamless, highly accessible connection to corporate resources.

Virtual Desktop & VPN

Take security to the next level. Connecting a VPN directly into your Virtual Desktop solution provides end-to-end managed network security for your applications, so you can store and exchange information with greater confidence.

Virtual Desktop & Hosting Services

Maximize the performance of your hosted resources. Deploying additional servers at the same data center where your Virtual Desktop is located can help you transmit data with lower latency—while also keeping more of your cloud infrastructure within the same highly secure, AT&T-managed environment.

Mobile device deployments

Virtual Desktop can create seamless, user-specific connections to cloud-based workspaces using any compatible device. It can be useful for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) deployments by keeping corporate data off employee devices and safely in the cloud.

Move the traditional device-based work environment into the cloud. With Virtual Desktop Service from AT&T, you can centralize corporate data and applications on a remote, highly secure platform—so employees can access them from a variety of locations and devices.

Increase productivity with flexible access options

Virtual Desktop utilizes a downloadable client application that users can access on a range of devices, operating systems and platforms. A universal interface delivers a consistent, low-latency desktop experience as employees switch between in-office and mobile devices.

Simplify device and software management

Virtual Desktop streamlines management of fixed and mobile devices over your network. It makes it easy to deploy applications and apply software updates without having to interact with each individual device.

Help protect corporate data with centralized access

Enhance the protection of your organization’s data by keeping it in the cloud. With Virtual Desktop, employees can access everything they need from their own device, without having to store it locally.

Take advantage of a feature-rich cloud desktop

Our Virtual Desktop Service provides much more than a place for users to store and access their files. We also offer:

  • Data backup
  • Application monitoring
  • Front-end connectivity to your virtual platform
  • Firewall policies for your Virtual Desktop solution
  • Robust service-level agreements
  • 24x7 support for administrators and end users
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  • Highly available, scalable and reliable desktop access from virtually any place and any device.
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