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A Fast and Flexible Virtual Hosting Solution

Keeping IT services in sync with business needs is a balancing act. On one hand, you must respond quickly to changing conditions. On the other, you have to intelligently manage capacity costs to handle ‘just in case’ fluctuations, like unpredictable traffic spikes.

Now you can keep cost and capacity in balance with AT&T Synaptic Hosting. A utility computing service combining network, computing and storage capabilities into a virtualized IT ecosystem – hosted in an AT&T Internet Data Center and delivered as a fully managed service.

Deploy rapidly and virtually with utility computing

AT&T Synaptic Hosting can free you from managing in-house infrastructure. Instead of making large capital investments, you tap into a ready-made virtual infrastructure. You also have the option to use fully managed dedicated servers in our data center through our traditional managed hosting service.

With utility computing services from AT&T, you can streamline provisioning and reduce deployment times from months to weeks as we help you:

  • Apply industry best-practices to manage network, security, server and storage layers and control change
  • Meet industry-specific compliance requirements
  • Optimize system utilization to help eliminate unnecessary investments
  • Choose the right level of management services to match your needs
  • Deliver a high level of service performance, backed by SLAs for peace of mind

Utility Hosting: Help keep costs in sync with business

Today, there’s no need to build a new facility or expand an existing infrastructure. Wasted investments in unnecessary hardware, software and services can become a thing of the past. Instead, with virtual hosting, a monthly fee takes care of baseline service. After that, you pay only for the incremental computing capacity you use – providing a more cost-effective way to align IT with business needs.

Utility computing with AT&T

With over 12 years of delivering enterprise hosting services, you can rely on AT&T for a turnkey utility computing solution, including:

  • An enterprise-class hosted infrastructure with built in redundancy
  • Private and/or public connections via the AT&T global IP network
  • Physical security backed by audit controls
  • Up to 99.9% performance, backed by service level agreements
  • 24x7 infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Designated support team option
  • Online portal for visibility, reporting and change management

When you choose AT&T Synaptic Hosting for utility computing, you have one stop for enterprise services – from hosting services to network, application, voice, mobility services and more.

Considerations for Utility Hosting

Answering the questions below could help you determine if and when utility computing might be right for your business.

Are you putting key initiatives on hold?

If you’re dealing with these issues below, you have good reason to consider the rapid deployment benefits of utility computing:

  • You worry that current systems will collapse with sudden surges in business activity
  • You lack the time or budget needed to build a new development and testing environment, so you delay key launches and fall behind competitors
  • You want to upgrade your operating system, but don’t have time to complete parallel migrations
  • You don’t have the space, power or network connectivity needed to expand your IT footprint

Are infrastructure costs holding you back?

Expanding your current environment can be costly. Especially when you consider labor costs and the high levels of security and redundancy needed to reduce the risk of virus attacks, data loss or disaster.

If you need help justifying your move to utility hosting, AT&T can help you calculate total cost of ownership savings by comparing current costs with the pricing of a Synaptic Hosting environment.

How do you handle change now?

What happens when demand outweighs capacity? Does system performance suffer? Do users complain? Do customers abandon their orders?

Over provisioning to handle "just in case" capacity demands can be expensive. It can be a better IT and business decision to tap into the dynamic, on-demand virtual resources of an AT&T Synaptic Hosting service.

Is your staff spread too thin?

Your staff needs to focus on strategic, application-focused projects. An AT&T managed infrastructure can free them from dealing with day-to-day tasks – from hardware maintenance, data center power and space limitations to security patches and more – while you benefit from direct access to the world’s largest network.

Are you unsure about future demands?

Sometimes computing demands aren’t sporadic. Sometimes there are clear usage trends that indicate a steady, predictable rise or fall. With utility computing, you can easily adapt baseline services to plan for the future, with the comfort of knowing you can dial up or dial down capacity if business conditions change.

Designing Your Virtual Hosting Solution

Our experienced pre-sales engineering team can provide design recommendations for standard or more complex architectures as they:

  • Guide the planning and design phases
  • Review technical requirements for network connectivity, server and storage capacity
  • Configure the right architecture to meet infrastructure requirements

Utility Hosting Service Delivery

The AT&T service delivery team is skilled in implementing the latest hosting technologies for reliable, scalable utility computing. A project implementation manager provides you with a single point of contact during deployment and interfaces with an extensive AT&T engineering team responsible for delivering your environment. Your virtualized server solution can also include dedicated components for specialized needs.

Your environment undergoes extensive operational readiness testing at every layer of the infrastructure prior to your application installations. Specialized teams from each area – from networking, security and storage and more – evaluate the deployment for accuracy and compliance with AT&T standards.

Customer Support for Utility Computing

A designated AT&T support team:

  • Helps maintain high performance and availability of the Synaptic infrastructure with 24x7 coverage
  • Provides a direct point of interaction for faster problem resolution
  • Monitors and manages the network, servers and operating system
  • Provides optional monitoring and management up to web and database layers

A web-based portal also provides you with:

  • AT&T Visualizer for remote visibility into the hosted environment
  • Detailed status information and performance reports
  • Easy self-service tools to request changes
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    AT&T Synaptic Hosting provides a complete, managed IT ecosystem for you to load and run your applications.  Access the product brief and learn more about this pay-as-you-go, utility-based solution.

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