Content Delivery and Digital Media Services

Deliver seamless media-rich experiences across locations and devices.

Accelerate performance of your e-commerce, web and multimedia capabilities as the demand for video and rich digital media explodes. Content Delivery and Digital Media Services from AT&T can help you deliver high-quality experiences quickly and more efficiently across locations, customers and devices.

Broadcast Video

Automated, managed broadcast solutions help provide low-latency, format-optimized content delivery to a vast range of devices across virtually any customer network type.

Content Delivery Network Services

Engage customers by delivering virtually any digital asset quickly, easily, and securely to end users with the speed and performance they expect.

Digital Signage

Deliver targeted, consistent, high-impact, timely, and relevant multimedia messaging to virtually anywhere in the world.

Video Management Service

Deliver targeted, consistent, high-impact, timely, and relevant multimedia messaging to virtually anywhere in the world.

As media consumption continues to rise, staying competitive means being able to deliver messaging when and how customers want it. Content Delivery and Digital Media Services from AT&T provides the flexibility and bandwidth to keep your customer experiences at the cutting edge of speed and security.

Enhance retail experiences with Content Delivery Solutions.

Improve your sales environment with interactive, in-store messaging and a more knowledgeable staff. With Content Delivery and Digital Media Services, you can:

  • Engage customers with high-quality, dynamic digital signage
  • Manage pricing and promotional content from a central, off-site location
  • Keep employees informed with easy access to training and product videos

Deliver media faster—and to a broader audience.

For entertainment companies, efficiently distributing media-rich content can be just as important as it is creating it. Enhance your content delivery capabilities, so you can:

  • Quickly share large video assets internally or with external vendors
  • Create consistent, high-quality streaming video experiences
  • Deliver multimedia content quickly, while also keeping it highly secure

While Content Delivery and Digital Media Services can help virtually any type of business deliver media-rich assets, it also of works well with other AT&T products:

Digital Media Services & VPN

Combine your e-commerce, web and multimedia experiences with the power and flexibility of a virtual private network. Running your digital media applications over your VPN can help you:

  • Prioritize applications to minimize sluggish downloads and video latency
  • Create a unified foundation for media-rich asset delivery
  • Centralize content distribution for staff training videos and in-store digital signage

AT&T DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender helps secure Content Delivery Solutions

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks can strike anywhere. For maximum protection, an enterprise that uses a content delivery network can also take advantage of DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender. With a multi-layered security solution, you can:

  • Get origin-to-edge server protection in a cost-effective package
  • Defend against threats to data on central and proxy (CDN) servers
  • Enjoy industry-leading protection from a global Internet provider

Engage your users with content delivery solutions.

Minimizing slow downloads, jittery video streams and service hiccups can go a long way in improving sales and customer loyalty. Content Delivery and Digital Media Solutions from AT&T can help you dependably manage, package and transmit media-rich web content across public and private networks. It makes it easier to:

  • Deliver an engaging experience to platforms and compatible devices worldwide
  • Speed content delivery by strategically distributing media across remote servers
  • Quickly scale your content delivery capabilities as demand grows
  • Track, monitor and report user activity to quickly revise content strategies

Safeguard your content delivery services with multi-layered security.

Delivering digital assets is about more than high bandwidth and quality media—security is also a vital element. Content Delivery Network (CDN) Services, as part of the AT&T Content Delivery and Digital Media Services family, offer strong security protocols that can help your enterprise defend against DDoS attacks and a variety of other threats.

If your enterprise sends content over a CDN network, you can also take advantage of DDoS Defense with KONA Site Defender—for powerful, origin-to-edge protection in a highly cost-effective package.

Represent your business with Digital Media Solutions from AT&T

Website performance can have a big impact on your business performance. From desktop to mobile devices, and from rich media content to dynamic data, your customers demand high performance results when they interact with your brand and your web applications. AT&T Content Delivery Network Service can help you achieve all of that, and more.

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  • AT&T Digital Signage

    Deliver rich multimedia content to your remote locations for a richer and more consistent customer experience.

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Case Studies


  • Welcome to AT&T CDN

    Deliver rich content efficiently. The AT&T CDN relies on a global network of caching servers and dynamic site acceleration to speed delivery of content. Watch this video to learn more about content delivery.

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White Papers

  • More Than Content Delivery

    The utilization of a digital content delivery network can be key to site performance and efficiency. In planning and implementing a digital media initiative it is important to look at the bigger picture, and understand the entire “value chain” required to deliver high performance and an engaging experience.

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