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Plan and deploy your custom mobility strategy.

AT&T Mobility Consulting: expertise that accelerates innovation

While many enterprises recognize the benefits of mobility, few have the immediate resources to take advantage of them. AT&T Mobility Consulting brings years of first-hand mobility experience and expertise to help identify, plan and implement innovative solutions in your organization, so you can:

  • Streamline business processes
  • Boost employee productivity
  • Improve customer interaction and response times
  • Enhance brand recognition with mobile applications
  • Reduce risk with scalable, cross-platform solutions

Mitigate risks with a well-structured plan

Developing the right mobile solutions calls for a highly detailed and strategic process. Wherever you are in your mobility plan, AT&T Mobility Consulting can help you mitigate risks and reach your goals by following three main steps:

Strategic assessment

Establish a clear picture of your organization’s mobility strategy.

Opportunity analysis

Outline the resources, infrastructure and policies required to support your goals.

Mobility roadmap

Create a clear guide on how to align technology investments with your business strategy.

AT&T Mobility Consulting Process: Helping You Develop Your Mobility Strategy

AT&T Mobility Consulting can solve your most pressing business challenges. Whatever your organization’s goals, our mobility specialists can provide the knowledge, resources and guidance you need to achieve them.

Create your mobility roadmap with AT&T Mobility Consulting

Whether you want to reduce costs, boost worker productivity or increase customer engagement, it all starts with the mobility roadmap. By identifying your business’s mobility goals, it provides a clear, tactical plan to reach them. The components of a mobility roadmap engagement may include:

  • Mobile user profile development
  • Prioritization of B2C, B2E or B2B solutions and mobile applications
  • Mobile application development recommendations and resources
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology assessment
  • Guidance on mobile governance policies
  • Workshops on best practices, technology trends and your industry’s competitive landscape

Design and implement your Mobile architecture

While the mobility roadmap outlines your business strategy, mobile architecture consulting provides the technology you need to build each solution. Our vast resources and depth of technical expertise can help you with any part of your mobility plan:

  • Applications – framework, architecture, platforms and security
  • Devices – features, management methods and CRU vs. BYOD guidance
  • Infrastructure – security and back-end system integration
  • Reference architecture – WLAN / VPN security and authentication options

Implement BYOD with mobility consulting

Transitioning to a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) environment can be a difficult process to manage. AT&T Mobility Consulting specialists can guide you through the potential benefits, costs and technical considerations needed to integrate and secure BYOD devices in your IT environment. BYOD consulting deliverables can include:

  • Cost forecasts
  • Infrastructure assessments
  • BYOD policy development and assistance
  • Guidance for integrating mobile devices with back-end systems

UI/UX consulting

Increasing engagement among customers and employees requires much more than a basic mobile presence. AT&T offers UI/UX (user interface/user experience) workshops to help you maximize the adoption and usability of your mobile applications. Depending on your organization’s needs, UI/UX consulting may include:

  • Best practices workshops
  • Storyboards, wireframes and high-fidelity concepts
  • Persona development and strategies for appealing to target users

Developing your M2M strategy

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology bridges gaps between normally incompatible devices and applications—so you can increase efficiency and better engage customers. In addition to helping enterprises plan M2M strategies, AT&T specialists can build the entire ecosystem of sensors, services and applications that make a complete M2M solution. Components of M2M consulting can include:

  • Network architecture
  • Device / sensor selection
  • Mobile application development and integration
  • Managed services

Trust your business to an experienced mobile provider

A lot of organizations want to use mobility to solve their most pressing business challenges—but it can be difficult to identify and implement the right solutions. With billions of mobile devices connected to a powerful global network, AT&T has the experience and expertise to help you develop mobility solutions that:

  • Align with strategic goals
  • Allow for future growth and scalability
  • Work with existing IT systems and devices
  • Evolve and keep up with technology

Maximize your mobile potential

AT&T Mobility Consulting is about more than technological expertise. It guides you through a highly focused, multi-step process that can help you identify, design and integrate solutions exclusively for your organization. By creating a strategic assessment, opportunity analysis and mobility roadmap, you can achieve a variety of business goals:

  • Increase workforce productivity via mobile devices
  • Update your brand with cutting-edge, well-designed mobile applications
  • Improve customer service with smoother interaction and faster response times
  • Reduce risk with cross-platform solutions that can adapt to ever-changing mobile technologies

Maintain your mobile infrastructure with mobility consulting

AT&T Mobility Consulting can help you plan and deploy customized solutions that improve your most important business processes. However, technology is anything but static—should you need additional resources or personnel, AT&T Network Sourcing and Integration Services can help you manage and fine-tune your mobility solutions as your business evolves.

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  • BYOD Consulting

    BYOD Consulting from AT&T provides the intellectual capital and resources to provide an impartial analysis and determination on whether BYOD makes economic sense for your enterprise, as well as the optimal path and objectives to implement a BYOD program.

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