Mobile Application Management

Empower your mobile workforce.

Mobile Application Management: deploy, control and manage apps.

Maintaining a productive mobile workforce takes more than the right applications. It requires the ability to put them to work efficiently—and monitor their performance. AT&T Mobile Application Management (MAM) empowers your organization to:

  • Provide employees with a library of in-house or third-party apps
  • Standardize application deployment to corporate and employee-owned mobile devices
  • Control distribution and access to applications
  • Help protect sensitive data in each application separately
  • Manage content remotely

Control and help secure content on mobile devices

To get the most out of your mobile environment, it can be beneficial to keep a clear perspective of how applications differ from the information that flows through them. Applications are the channels that push content—like spreadsheets, sales documents or video files—throughout an organization. Without content, applications can’t accomplish what they were built to do. Mobile Application Management can help make sure your applications safely and efficiently distribute the right content to the right people. More specifically, MAM allows you to:

  • Control how content is shared and stored on mobile devices
  • Set user privileges for data –from personal to highly sensitive corporate information
  • Establish document management policies, like version control or updates
  • Keep personal and business apps separate

IT environments are not one-dimensional—and neither is Mobile Application Management. MAM can be easily combined with many complementary products to enhance the control, visibility and productivity of your mobile devices and employees.

Mobile Application Management and Application Development

MAM enables organizations and their employees to fully utilize mobile applications. With MAM and application development, you can:

  • Distribute mobile applications that empower employees and engage customers
  • Help to secure mobile apps and manage content for variety of mobile devices
  • Boost productivity and app use by providing near seamless access across devices

MAM for BYOD environments

Keep personal and business data separate by integrating MAM into your Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) strategy:

  • Distribute organization applications and content to your intended individual users
  • Selectively delete business apps and content while preserving an employee’s personal data
  • Establish controls—like restricted cut-and-paste functionality—to ensure personal and enterprise content stays separate and secure

Mobile App Management and Mobile Device Management

Fully manage the security and performance of your mobile devices—and the content that flows through them. By combining MAM and MDM, you can:

  • Help safeguard mobile devices and content via a unified solution
  • View mobile devices accessing your network
  • Deploy, monitor and control applications on each device

Create a catalog of custom apps with Mobile Application Management

Employees and business processes change frequently, so equipping your mobile workforce with the right tools can be a challenge. AT&T can create a virtual catalog of customized applications to give your organization access to the resources it requires. No matter what your business needs, AT&T solutions specialists can help you:

  • Develop native apps for a range of mobile devices
  • Brand the look and feel of your applications with your corporate logo and colors
  • Add or update applications in the catalog

Simplify app lifecycle management

MAM has a variety of features that can help you get the most out of your applications. It allows you to:

  • Simplify the process of deploying apps to a large number of devices
  • Set access policies for users or groups
  • Notify employee groups about application catalog updates
  • Monitor the status of users and apps on the dashboard
  • Quickly update applications and configure employee user profiles
  • Selectively remove apps and content from devices in remote locations
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  • AT&T Mobile Application Management

    Mobile Application Management (MAM) helps IT organizations protect sensitive data by controlling access to the applications which access that data.

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  • Convergence of MDM and MAM eBook

    In this eBook, enterprise users and mobility experts provide practical guidance on the convergence of MDM and MAM, and how these technologies play into the broad challenge of getting maximum benefit from mobile computing.

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