BYOD for Business

Empower your organization and release your employees' creativity

Respond to business needs more flexibly, efficiently and cost-effectively by providing your workforce the data and applications they need on their own preferred device – while also protecting business data. Rely on AT&T as your trusted partner to bring highly qualified expertise and breadth of solutions to help you create a holistic strategy for building, deploying and managing BYOD in your unique organization.

A variety of our mobile solutions can be combined to fit your needs and allow your company to reap the benefits of BYOD. They include:

Mobile Application Development

Create user-friendly mobile apps, regardless of OS and device, so that employees can respond to business needs wherever they may be.

Mobile Application Management

Distribute, manage and protect enterprise content, data and applications on personal devices.

Mobile Device Management

Monitor, manage and control devices, including over-the-air configuration and management settings.

AT&T Work Platform

Empower productivity and control costs by providing employees with business-only voice and data allowances on their personal devices.

Improve the deployment of your BYOD Strategy

To achieve BYOD’s advantages, many factors need to be considered. The huge diversity of devices, carriers, OS and plans across multiple countries means that every user is different. Let us help you with your BYOD strategy for:

  • Identifying the best BYOD approach to match business goals
  • Enabling robust security of business data and applications on employee devices
  • Planning the logistics of maintaining IT support, compatibility and troubleshooting for so many unique devices
  • Consistently handling varied employee roles with differing content and functionality needs
  • Prioritizing and building mobile-enabled applications
  • Designing technical solutions to work together seamlessly
  • Managing ongoing changes in the workforce, business, and technology

Explore these examples of how our integrated strategy and support for BYOD can help you streamline business processes, expand your reach, and help your employees be more responsive to business needs.

Transition from corporate devices to BYOD

Business challenge: A global firm wanted to move towards the increased efficiencies, cost reductions, and employee flexibility of BYOD from an environment with corporate-owned devices, while at the same time preserving security of business assets.

BYOD Services: Transition from corporate devices to BYOD.

AT&T solution: We created a customized, single-source, managed cloud-based device management solution scalable up to 20,000 users that included:

  • Hosting
  • Platform
  • License provisioning
  • Application management
  • Service support desk

Result: With employees empowered to provision applications on the devices of their choice, satisfaction increased, deployment was simplified, and ongoing device and support costs were reduced. Improved efficiency resulted from user access to an AT&T Tier 2 in-country global help desk. The choice of a cloud-based strategy provided a highly resilient and reliable solution with reduced risks of data leakage.

Enhanced security and device management with BYOD

BYOD Services: Enhanced security and device management with BYOD.

Business challenge: Inadequate device security and limited, inconsistent, and outdated mobile policies constrained one company’s ability to use mobility as a tool for business growth.

AT&T solution: Our resources and expertise were employed to:

  • Establish a BYOD strategy and consistent mobile use policies for both company-paid and BYOD devices
  • Streamline IT support requirements
  • Add security layers and device management capabilities integrated with in-house servers

Result: Security, control, and efficiency of accessing business data were greatly improved with addition of features such as encryption and the ability to remotely wipe and reset business assets on all mobile devices.

Flexible and highly secure mobile BYOD strategy

Business challenge: Policies and structure for a highly secure mobile strategy were lacking. Increasing global travel by employees highlighted the need for highly secure connectivity and collaboration tools. Fragmented mobile application development attempted to handle a variety of employee-liable devices.

BYOD Solutions: Flexible and highly secure mobile BYOD strategy.

AT&T solution: Drawing on market research and the perspective of our technical and organizational experts, we developed a mobility roadmap and policies that accommodated a variety of devices and OS while maximizing security. This overarching strategy encompassed:

  • Organizational structure and tactics
  • Security
  • Application development
  • Tools and platforms

Result: A cohesive, consistent mobile strategy was quickly and efficiently developed and implemented in line with important business milestones. This hybrid approach benefited from both the flexibility of BYOD and the enhanced security of company-paid devices. The new-found ability to rely on a highly secure mobile platform enabled accelerated time to value for the company’s products.

Take advantage of BYOD’s benefits

Maximize your enterprise’s flexibility by incorporating a well-considered BYOD strategy. Give employees access to content, data and applications in a format that is easy to use so that they can take advantage of business opportunities whenever they arise.

  • Productivity can improve as employees are able to access business information and respond to customers more quickly and easily
  • Time to market can be reduced as business processes are streamlined and accelerated
  • Collaboration, innovation, employee satisfaction and talent retention may rise as your workforce is empowered to use the device of their choice when and where they want
  • Cost efficiencies may be achieved with reduced company-paid device/warranty expenses, and reduced end user training

Build the best BYOD solution for your unique needs

Ease the daunting complexity of BYOD and turn to us for assistance every step of the way. We can help you build and manage an effective BYOD strategy for your enterprise by offering a broad, end-to-end framework of resources and solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs. These can range from building a simple application for a specific goal, to a more complex solution such as an overarching strategy and ongoing lifecycle management.

Our professionals can engage with you from day one to create a blueprint for success. Your consultants take a flexible, carrier- and device-agnostic approach to strategizing and combining the right combination of products into a solution tailored to your unique needs, then helping you manage and coordinate deployment and ongoing maintenance as needed.

Enjoy the peace of mind of an integrated solution that works, with your resources freed to focus on your business.

Depend on end-to-end mobility experts

Rely on leaders in the mobile industry to give you the support you need to successfully incorporate BYOD into your enterprise. With deep experience in mobility and its deployment in virtually every industry vertical, we understand how mobility can accelerate your business processes and how to overcome its challenges. Supported by the breadth of the AT&T network, our expert consultants help you in every aspect of the BYOD lifecycle:

  • Developing a sound BYOD business case and strategy
  • Security analysis and mobile policy enforcement to protect your business data
  • Building and distributing strategic mobile applications onto employee devices
  • Lifecycle management including support and ongoing changes to devices, apps, workforce, data

Create your BYOD solution quickly

Benefit from the accelerated time to market that can be achieved with our integrated, streamlined offers and practices. Avoid the risks of incompatible technologies with multiple vendors, and work with a provider who can quickly gather your needs and weave the appropriate components into a streamlined solution.

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  • BYOD Consulting

    BYOD Consulting from AT&T provides the intellectual capital and resources to provide an impartial analysis and determination on whether BYOD makes economic sense for your enterprise, as well as the optimal path and objectives to implement a BYOD program.

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  • The Global BYOD Management Services Ecosystem

    In an increasingly mobile world, these companies need to lighten IT’s control over technologies — including personal mobile devices — that iWorkers will expect to use as part of their everyday work lives.

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