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Protect your business in a world that’s always on, increasingly connected and full of more security threats than ever. Our Cloud Web Security Service can enable safer growth and productivity by keeping malware off your corporate network and giving you better control over employees’ web access.

Keep connectivity simple

Securing your organization’s Internet usage doesn’t have to be complicated. Cloud Web Security Service gives employees safe and reliable Internet connectivity and offers a simple way to manage their access to applications.

CEO's Guide to Cyberbreach Response Cybersecurity Insights Volume 3

When there’s a web security breach, you need to be prepared:

  • 62% of organizations reported they were breached in 2015 alone
  • Get the right tools, people and plans, because cyberattacks are inevitable
  • Respond to attacks quickly and appropriately to help save time, money and reputation

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With Cloud Web Security Service, you can:

  • Proactively protect devices from advanced malware and unsafe websites
  • Provide reliable, highly secure connectivity for remote users
  • Block access to websites and set user privileges for individual applications
  • Respond to security incidents immediately

Simplify web security with the cloud

Equip users with fast, reliable connections. Easily extend web use policies to mobile employees. With Cloud Web Security Service, you can control everything from a centralized, intuitive interface—without the need to buy, monitor or maintain on-premises hardware.

Gain valuable insight into employees’ web use

Use advanced reporting features to analyze the web browsing trends of large groups or individual employees. Cloud Web Security Service provides a simple way to notify managers if a user repeatedly breaks web policies or tries to access blocked websites.

Fine-tune user privileges for applications

Easily define privileges for users and groups within individual applications. Administrators can give users access to a social media site, but prevent them from performing certain actions like commenting or posting.

Take advantage of a powerful, easy-to-deploy solution

Quickly implement and change security policies. Cloud Web Security Service is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing firewalls, routers and proxy solutions. And as a cloud-based service, it’s easy to scale as your user base grows.

Create a solid, comprehensive web security strategy. We can help you combine Cloud Web Security Service with:

AT&T Managed Internet Service

Get flexible, high-speed web access with an essential layer of protection. Managed Internet Service with Cloud Web Security can deliver powerful connectivity as well as increased security and control over users’ Internet sessions.

AT&T Network-Based Firewall Service

Create a strong, flexible firewall in the cloud. Combine the ease and versatility of our Network-Based Firewall with the detailed filtering, scanning and reporting capabilities of Cloud Web Security Service.

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  • AT&T Cloud Web Security Service
  • AT&T Cloud Web Security Service

    AT&T Cloud Web Security Service (Cloud WSS) is designed to provide comprehensive Web security including real-time protection against viruses and malware, protection against compromised/hacked web sites and granular control of Web applications.
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  • AT&T VPN Service

    AT&T Virtual Private Network (AT&T VPN) is a network-based IP VPN solution with a wide range of features and the flexibility to choose the options you require today, and over time.

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  • AT&T Commitment to Public/Private Sector Collaboration

    The threat of cybercrime and state-sponsored attacks is growing, and cyber threats are evolving rapidly. Today, cybersecurity is a national priority, and public-private collaboration is understood as a vital tool in securing cyberspace.

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