Security Incident & Event Management

Protect critical systems with advanced monitoring and event response.

SIEM Analysis Services

Fortify your enterprise within an increasingly complex IT landscape. Security Event and Threat Analysis from AT&T identifies, prioritizes and responds to threats within your network, and can help you to:

  • Neutralize attacks before they damage your business
  • Comply with government or industry-specific regulations
  • Take full advantage of remote, mobile and cloud-based capabilities
CEO's Guide to Cyberbreach Response Cybersecurity Insights Volume 3

Learn how to manage security breaches:

  • Understand threats to your organization’s data
  • Develop cross-company security incident management plans and teams
  • Prepare so your incident management doesn’t cause more damage

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Proactively protect your network with a SIEM solution

As a comprehensive Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) solution, the service provides much more than increased network visibility. It offers robust, highly integrated services by:

  • Analyzing traffic across your network in near real time
  • Quickly identifying threats with proprietary algorithms
  • Sending customized alerts based on threat level

Benefit from state-of-the-art security analysis

In addition to our breadth of networking expertise, the service is backed by our world-class Security Operations Center. By identifying potential vulnerabilities and providing the right resources to respond to them you get robust, 24x7 security monitoring with minimal resource investment.

Security Event and Threat Analysis from AT&T combines the protection you expect from a SIEM solution with the power of our network and Security Operations Center. It offers a wide range of capabilities that integrate well with:

SIEM solutions with Managed Firewall Services

Streamline your security infrastructure. By adding the service to an AT&T-managed firewall, you get robust protection with an advanced layer of data analysis and alerts that help you to respond quickly and efficiently to different types of security threats.

SIEM solutions with Private Intranet Protect

Like the service, Private Intranet Protect from AT&T helps you identify and defend against malicious network traffic. Combining the two offers you:

  • Greater visibility into your network
  • Fewer false positive notifications
  • Highly detailed information for better threat response

SIEM solutions with Virtual Private Networks

A key strength of the service is identifying potential threats within vast amounts of information. An IPsec or MPLS VPN can help optimize this process by creating a fast, highly secure connection between your network and our data processing centers.

The service works by collecting data from devices across your network and consolidating it for more efficient analysis. We have the experience and infrastructure to deploy, configure and adapt the service solutions to fit your organization's needs.

Trust your business to an industry-leading SIEM provider

We have years of experience designing and maintaining highly complex security solutions. We can help you:

  • Develop end-to-end security strategies and policy models
  • Establish risk management methodologies
  • Meet industry-specific compliance regulations
  • Simultaneously analyze data across multiple network devices

Experience security event management backed by comprehensive service

Deploying a cross-enterprise solution can be a daunting task. We can help you install, configure and maintain your Security Event & Threat Analysis infrastructure - so you can enhance your response capabilities and minimize disruption to critical systems.

Take advantage of world-class security monitoring and support

The service provides the advanced information, tools and support you need to optimize your security policies. We provide:

  • In-depth information about potential vulnerabilities and active threats
  • 24x7x365 monitoring from our world-class Security Operations Center
  • Industry-leading security consulting capabilities
  • Regular checkups with your internal security staff
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  • Security Event & Threat Analysis

    AT&T Security Event and Threat Analysis service utilizes AT&T's expertise in security analysis and operations to correlate information from multiple devices and device types, both on premises and embedded in the AT&T network.

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