AT&T Secure Network Gateway Service

Cloud-based security for your organization

AT&T Secure Network Gateway: Cloud-based security from a single source.

As organizations become increasingly dispersed, it can be difficult to protect data from one central location. AT&T Secure Network Gateway (SNG) is a suite of cloud-based services that provides a high level of security across the entire enterprise—all from within the AT&T network. With AT&T SNG Services, you can:

  • Simplify billing with a single, cost-effective contract
  • Get carrier-grade security, without additional hardware or staff
  • Enjoy 24 x 7 monitoring and automatic updates from AT&T
  • Easily add or change your contract as security needs evolve

Cost-effective cloud based security options

In addition to being fully managed by AT&T, SNG services are highly cost-effective, especially when two or more are bundled together. Components of the suite can include:

AT&T Secure Network Gateway Services can help protect virtually any organization’s data and resources—completely from the cloud. They are highly versatile and can be combined with multiple types of network infrastructures.

SNG with MPLS Virtual Private Networks

Adding SNG Services to an AT&T MPLS Virtual Private Network (VPN) framework can create a robust, far-reaching security solution. SNG Services can establish highly secure communication channels for remote employees outside of the main network. By combining SNG Services with an AT&T MPLS VPN solution, you’re not only able to safeguard communications over a wide area—you also benefit from the simplicity of getting everything from one provider.

SNG with Managed Internet Services

Managed Internet Services deliver high-bandwidth Internet access in a flexible, cost-effective package. The following SNG services are quick, viable ways to add an extra layer of security to the organization’s Internet access:

Secure Network Gateway Services from AT&T monitor and protect your data from the cloud. Since all solutions run on AT&T-operated servers, there’s no need to spend additional capital to maintain them—or sign a new contract when upgrading. AT&T Secure Network Gateway makes it easy to deploy any combination of services.

AT&T Network-Based Firewall Service

Improve protection by integrating firewall technology with an MPLS-based VPN from AT&T. With Network-Based Firewall Service, you can:

  • Provide more secure, reliable access to applications
  • Get secure access to the Internet via an MPLS VPN
  • Stay productive by minimizing disruptions in service
  • Enforce consistent security policies across multiple locations
  • Monitor inbound and outbound traffic
  • Track and report intrusions to keep security policies up-to-date

AT&T Secure Email Gateway Service

Safeguard against e-mail-based threats before they infiltrate the network. Secure Network Email Gateway from AT&T helps organizations:

  • Block inbound spam, viruses and malicious links
  • Identify outbound emails that violate policies
  • Store emails for web-based access during server outages
  • Keep track of activity to meet security compliance requirements
  • Encrypt data to avoid loss and liability issues (premium service)
  • Meet retention requirements with email archiving (optional service)

AT&T Web Security Service

Block malware and control web usage without impacting performance. AT&T Web Security Service enables you to:

  • Create and enforce web usage policies
  • Perform routine scans to help stop spyware and viruses from spreading
  • Filter inbound and outbound traffic
  • Provide secure Internet access for mobile workers
  • Block certain keywords and websites with customizable search features

AT&T DDoS Defense

Keep critical infrastructure up and running by stopping distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks before they reach the network. AT&T DDos Defense is backed by experienced security professionals and the robust, highly secure AT&T network, so you can:

  • Keep the network open and productive
  • Avoid the bandwidth and personnel costs of mitigating threats internally
  • Stop malicious attacks without interrupting legitimate traffic
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  • AT&T Secure Network Gateway Demo

    AT&T Secure Network Gateway service is essential to protect your information assets with a holistic strategy that can cover your entire network infrastructure. All organizations need this kind of integrated approach, with security technology that can detect and prevent attacks before they penetrate corporate networks.

    Video | [4:57]


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  • Using cloud-based managed security can simplify policy management and improve cost efficiencies.
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