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Help block incoming threats

Firewall Protection Services

Help keep unwanted traffic out of your network and vital data in. AT&T Firewall Security services help defend your network against unauthorized connections, allowing you to take full advantage of online business opportunities while reducing the risks of damaging attacks.

Our range of Firewall Security Services includes:

Network-Based Firewall Service

Take your organization’s security to a higher level for better protection. Network-Based Firewall service draws on the reach and high reliability of AT&T global data centers to protect your core MPLS network.

Premises-Based Firewall Service

Stop malicious network activity in its tracks. Premises-Based Firewall Service from AT&T provides a robust layer of security to help proactively protect your location’s perimeter.

AT&T Proxy Services

Enhanced premises-based firewall solutions, AT&T Proxy Services prioritize Internet traffic and block potentially harmful websites, such as malware distribution or spyware collector sites.

AT&T Web Application Firewall

Combine Web Application Firewall (WAF) technology with expert management and monitoring to help protect web applications and their underlying systems.

Here are some ways AT&T Firewall Security Services can help you reach your data protection and business goals:

Compliance and firewall security

Firewall security services can play an important role in helping you comply with state, federal and industry regulations that impact your company. For example, firewall security services can help satisfy requirements of the payment card industry to develop and maintain protected systems and applications for processing credit card transactions. AT&T experts can help you determine which firewall services and other security measures best satisfy your compliance needs.

Remote office firewall security solutions

Locations with their own dedicated Internet connections must have security policies that are enforced and managed by your IT department. One security patch that is not implemented at one branch office can leave your entire corporate network vulnerable to malicious traffic and violate corporate security policies. Managed firewall services could make it easier to keep security policies consistent across every office by giving you a single point of control for all locations.

Endpoint security solutions to help protect mobile and remote devices

Devices connecting into your company from outside the corporate network may not always be monitored by your firewall. AT&T can provide endpoint security service which helps enforce firewall, configuration and other security policies on these devices.

Simplify with secure device management

AT&T provides secure device management which extends the assistance AT&T can offer for your on-premises security software or hardware. With this service, AT&T:

  • Manages and monitors your on-premises security infrastructure
  • Develops, updates or validates security policies, configuration standards and procedures to align with your business requirements
  • Identifies solutions to support a policy-based management infrastructure
  • Helps lessen expenses for staffing and maintenance
  • Helps reduce the complexity of managing your own IP network security solution

AT&T Firewall Security Services

  • Help block malicious traffic, such as links to phishing websites
  • Integrate with other security programs to help stop worms, viruses and other incoming threats
  • Monitor outbound traffic to prevent sensitive data from being leaked
  • Help to better protect traffic from remote devices using endpoint security
  • Allow security policies to be implemented at an AT&T data center or at your data center to help provide protection across your entire infrastructure

Design and configuration for firewall security

AT&T can help you determine the combination of security services that would best protect your business and meet your compliance needs. Then, AT&T security experts work with your IT staff to:

  • Update your security policies
  • Address security-related compliance issues, such as regulations around processing credit card payments
  • Configure your firewall security services according to your corporate security policies and help manage your hardware
  • Test all patches and other fixes before deployment to speed implementation and ease deployment across all your locations

Customized firewall security protection

Firewall security services from AT&T can be precisely configured according to your corporate security policies to:

  • Help block access to certain websites
  • Prioritize Internet traffic and more
  • Set varying levels of access for different users and applications
  • Specify unique rules for mobile devices

If you want to update or strengthen your protection, AT&T security consultants can help you develop and implement policies appropriate for the level of security you need.

Support for firewall security

Once your firewall is in place, AT&T provides 24x7x365 monitoring and alert response.

You can access information about your firewall services via the AT&T Security Operations Center, a better secured, Web-based administration portal accessible through the AT&T BusinessDirect® portal. Through the Security Center, you can generate reports and logs, request configuration changes to your security policies and firewall, and manage your security tool.

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  • AT&T Network-Based Firewall Service
  • AT&T Network-Based Firewall Service

    The AT&T Network-based Firewall Service eliminates the need to install customer premises firewalls and dedicated internet connectivity at each of your locations; allowing you to manage and control employee access to the Internet while preventing unauthorized access into your corporate network.
    PDF | 817KB



  • Standing at a Security Crossroads

    Whether it’s dealing with an increasing number of locations needing any-to-any connectivity, the challenge of managing widely dispersed firewalls, or keeping up with never-ending security threats, you may be at a crossroads: Do you continue on a “do it yourself” security path, or take a different road?

    PDF | 826KB
  • AT&T Premises-Based Firewall Service

    AT&T Premises-Based Managed Firewall Service is a fully managed solution providing a highly functional layer of security to your networks, including all hardware and software components, configuration, installation, day to day management and maintenance, as well as expert customer support and proactive network monitoring.

    PDF | 804KB
  • Security Device Management

    AT&T Security Device Management service lets you take advantage of AT&T’s Security Network Operations Centers expertise to manage your existing security hardware, manage your security infrastructure, or migrate to a custom security architecture designed to meet your specific requirements.

    PDF | 681KB


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