Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Every day, companies face data breaches, cyberthreats, and security risks from a multitude of sources.

Customer information gets stolen, networks get breached, and companies must deal with the associated costs and reputational harm.

AT&T can be a vital ally in your fight against cybersecurity threats. We’ll consult with you to address your highest security needs, assess your risks, and determine solutions that you may have overlooked. We can customize a plan of action that is specifically tailored to your company’s security goals.

We’ll work with you to test your network defenses, resolve critical information cybersecurity breaches, and help you to meet your compliance mandates.

Learn more about our Cybersecurity Consulting services and solutions below:

Cybersecurity Consulting Services and Solutions

Cybersecurity Strategy and Roadmap

Build a strategic, comprehensive, and dynamic cybersecurity roadmap with the help of skilled and experienced AT&T consultants. Help avoid costly interruptions and meet your business and security goals with in-depth guidance.

Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance

GRC services from AT&T give you the insight and tools that can help bolster your security infrastructure, provide risk assessment and help protect your valuable data while complying with security regulations.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

Work to meet today’s demanding payment card industry standards to better protect your customers' information and avoid PCI-related fines and penalties. We’ll help you understand the PCI DSS requirements that are relevant to your unique business.

Secure Infrastructure Services

Help assess, plan, and design a highly secure, cost-effective network solution that is custom tailored to meet your business needs.

Vulnerability and Threat Management

Discover your network’s strengths and weaknesses to better safeguard your business’s most valuable assets and help to avoid threats. We can provide proven best practices and advise you on implementation for building a strong cyber defense.

Incident Response and Forensics

Quickly respond and help minimize damage from a security breach with an effective, customized incident response plan. Accelerate your recovery time and be better prepared for future attacks with forensic analysis.

Internet of Things Cybersecurity Consulting

Help protect your entire IoT ecosystem from attacks with an end-to-end security strategy. Receive guidance for highly secure deployment, management, and scalability of IoT solutions.

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  • AT&T Security Consulting
  • AT&T Security Consulting

    Security Consulting Services from AT&T offer a holistic security approach to help organize and optimize the multitude of security initiatives across your business.
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Case Studies


  • Finding Balance Between Business and Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity can be challenging, especially if it’s unfamiliar territory. AT&T Executive Director of Security Consulting, Todd Waskelis, explains how a fresh perspective can help improve security and compliance.

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When there’s a Web security breach, you need to be prepared:

  • 62% of organizations reported they were breached in 2015 alone
  • Get the right tools, people, and plans because cyberattacks are inevitable
  • Respond to attacks quickly and appropriately to help save time, money, and reputation
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