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Every day, companies face data breaches, cyberthreats, and security risks from a multitude of sources.

Customer information gets stolen, networks get breached, and companies must deal with the associated costs and reputational harm.

AT&T can be a vital ally in your fight against cybersecurity threats. We’ll consult with you to address your highest security needs, assess your risks, and determine solutions that you may have overlooked. We can customize a plan of action that is specifically tailored to your company’s security goals.

We’ll work with you to test your network defenses, resolve critical information cybersecurity breaches, and help you to meet your compliance mandates.

Learn more about our Cybersecurity Consulting services and solutions below:

Cybersecurity Consulting Services and Solutions

Cybersecurity Strategy and Roadmap

Build a strategic, comprehensive, and dynamic cybersecurity roadmap with the help of skilled and experienced AT&T consultants. Help avoid costly interruptions and meet your business and security goals with in-depth guidance.

Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance

GRC services from AT&T give you the insight and tools that can help bolster your security infrastructure, provide risk assessment and help protect your valuable data while complying with security regulations.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

Work to meet today’s demanding payment card industry standards to better protect your customers' information and avoid PCI-related fines and penalties. We’ll help you understand the PCI DSS requirements that are relevant to your unique business.

Secure Infrastructure Services

Help assess, plan, and design a highly secure, cost-effective network solution that is custom tailored to meet your business needs.

Vulnerability and Threat Management

Discover your network’s strengths and weaknesses to better safeguard your business’s most valuable assets and help to avoid threats. We can provide proven best practices and advise you on implementation for building a strong cyber defense.

Incident Response and Forensics

Quickly respond and help minimize damage from a security breach with an effective, customized incident response plan. Accelerate your recovery time and be better prepared for future attacks with forensic analysis.

Internet of Things Cybersecurity Consulting

Help protect your entire IoT ecosystem from attacks with an end-to-end security strategy. Receive guidance for highly secure deployment, management, and scalability of IoT solutions.

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  • Security Operations Center Optimization Service
  • Security Operations Center Optimization Service

    Develop and operationalize SOC services to protect your networks, systems, applications, and information in real time as well as guard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.
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  • Security Consulting for Energy

    To counter today’s cyber threats, it’s important for security departments to create flexible, interconnected processes that are able to recognize and respond to on-going attacks from evolving threats with limited resources.

    PDF | 181KB
  • AT&T Security Consulting - Security Vulnerability Assessments

    We combine our in-depth knowledge of industry standards, applicable regulatory requirements, business goals with our experience delivering information security services to the retail, financial services, security, healthcare, government, education, and media and entertainment industries.

    PDF | 581KB
  • Security Solutions for Retail

    AT&T offers Application Security solutions that can help protect your most critical enterprise applications from both internal and external threats.

    PDF | 887KB
  • Mobile Application Security Assessment Services

    In an increasingly mobile world, people and businesses need the ability to get things done on the go. From saving contact information into a customer relationship management application to placing orders, our clients and their customers expect that their data will remain secure.

    PDF | 887KB
  • Security and Meaningful Use

    AT&T offers healthcare-specific assessments to help you create and implement physical, data, network and application security strategies that address the ongoing demand for new technology implementations and meeting meaningful use security and privacy criteria for EHRs.

    PDF | 866KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Firewall Assessment Services

    The AT&T Consulting Firewall Assessment Service addresses the complex configurations of today's firewall environment. It was created to assist organizations with internal and regulatory compliance requirements regarding firewall audits and policy review, provide administrators with information to help troubleshoot rulebase issues, help identify risks to the security of protected environments and help bring order to an otherwise chaotic rulebase.

    PDF | 845KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Security Penetration Testing

    Security Penetration Testing is used to evaluate your incident response capabilities, to validate the efficacy of security controls, and to provide management with "real world" attack scenarios that include walk-through of actual compromises.

    PDF | 835KB
  • 2014 State of the Industry & PCI DSS

    AT&T Consulting offers a range of comprehensive, customized PCI compliance solutions. The consulting team provides assessment certification, remediation, program development, penetration testing, code review and incident response services that help companies address specific areas of PCI compliance and best practice.

    PDF | 810KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Incident Management Program Security Services

    AT&T Consulting takes a holistic approach to Incident Management, addressing elements of people, technology and processes while combining in-depth knowledge and use of Information Security Standards of Good Practice, applicable regulatory requirements and our experience in information security management practices.

    PDF | 617KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Security Services as a Business Enabler

    AT&T Consulting Services can help you establish comprehensive security policies, processes and procedures for governing, managing and sustaining a secure, trusted information infrastructure. As a result, you can confidently open new information exchanges to expand business,increase productivity and decrease time to market.

    PDF | 621KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Security Strategy and Roadmap Service

    The AT&T Security Consulting Strategy and Roadmap service delivers the expert resources, knowledge, and methodologies to assist you in building a complete unified information security program or individual elements within the existing security program.

    PDF | 652KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Application Security Health Check Assessment Bundle

    AT&T Consulting offers the Application Security Health Check Assessment Bundle, which offers a focused review of the ability of a targeted web application to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data it processes; its ability to enforce user role and access decisions; and its capabilities to withstand common attempts at compromise.

    PDF | 616KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

    The Governance, Risk and Compliance security consulting arm of AT&T Consulting offers a variety of services that help you meet governance, risk management and compliance goals. These services are custom tailored to meet the needs of most major industries.

    PDF | 652KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Enterprise Security Assessment Services

    AT&T Consulting Enterprise Security Assessment (ESA) Service offers you a comprehensive assessment that addresses a wide scope of potential issues in your environment relative to security and privacy. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s information security posture, utilizing the ESA Framework.

    PDF | 621KB
  • AT&T Consulting - AT&T SureSeal Security Certified Program

    SureSeal is based on our experiences and observations that, while there are many standards and laws to which companies must comply, there has been no program to address compliance requirements and IT components holistically. SureSeal customers have found that such an approach can help to reduce compliance costs and streamline regulatory efforts.

    PDF | 917KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Solutions for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance

    AT&T offers a range of comprehensive, customized PCI compliance solutions that objectively match each requirement to the most effective possible solution. In addition, AT&T Consulting provides assessment, remediation, program development, penetration testing, and code review services that help companies address specific areas of PCI compliance and common practice.

    PDF | 589KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Security Solutions for Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance

    Any company that processes, stores or transmits credit card data must comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. AT&T offers a robust suite of compliance solutions for the PCI Industry. The suite includes consulting, managed security, strong authentication, and project planning and management services.

    PDF | 745KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Security Services for Mergers and Acquisitions

    Information Security needs to be an integral part of the M&A process. The changing security, risk and threat profile requires that a security strategy be defined and executed during M&A. This Security Strategy brings together the relevant people, processes and technology to address the security challenges as a merged business.

    PDF | 385KB
  • AT&T Consulting - Federal Trade Commission Security Program Assessment

    AT&T Consulting has developed an approach to performing FTC required assessments. Our team holds the requisite FTC required security industry certifications to certify that your security program operates effectively, providing reasonable assurance that the security, confidentiality and integrity of Personal Information is protected.

    PDF | 712KB


Case Studies



White Papers

  • Integrating Security Testing Into Quality Control

    Organizations continue to grow the number of application assets they rely on to support or accomplish business goals. These assets are popular targets for attackers, and many large scale application security incidents have been publicized recently. The real threat of being hacked has increased executive managements’ interest in reducing the number of vulnerabilities present in their applications.

    PDF | 758KB
  • Information Protection Framework: Data Security Compliance and Today's Healthcare Industry

    Today’s Healthcare industry is facing complex privacy and data security requirements. The
    movement from paper to digital records of health information is accelerating, making it ever more important that information be protected. Organizations must be equipped with an information protection strategy that is inclusive of Security, Privacy, Risk Management solutions.

    PDF | 781KB
  • Mobility Security Strategy: Lifeline for Next Generation Healthcare

    This white paper outlines the balance between information protection and information access as it becomes more complex as the availability of mobile devices increases. To cope with the challenges introduced due to the adoption of mobility in healthcare, strategic imperatives to support a mobile and wireless healthcare ecosystem must be developed and thoroughly explored.

    PDF | 641KB

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  • 62% of organizations reported they were breached in 2015 alone
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