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Business VoIP Services

Communication options expand every day. You want to be prepared for tomorrow, next week, next year. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) integrates voice services and data into a single network, expanding the possibilities for communication while creating new and exciting paths for growth. High bandwidth and the reach of IP networks can help you reduce costs, improve voice clarity, and take your business voice service almost anywhere.

Access even more voice options with AT&T

Keep your business communicating in new and effective ways. VoIP offers traditional voice services plus advanced features and applications that can help your staff be more agile and productive. And Business VoIP services from AT&T can help you integrate emerging technologies, such as cloud computing and unified communications. You'll enjoy cost efficiency, enhanced collaboration, and scalability.

We drive the technology that helps you communicate.

VoIP benefits

  • Grow your communications platform in a meaningful way. With VoIP, you can add new technologies as they emerge and as your business grows.
  • Create the solution that's best for you. Not all businesses are alike―and your business tomorrow may look much different from how it looks today. VoIP offers a broad range of equipment and service choices and the flexibility to suit your business needs.
  • Adopt new communication strategies. Introduce unified communications features, such as presence, messaging, and video calling, to your entire team.
  • Take a smaller bite out of your budget. In many cases, the cost of using a VoIP system is noticeably less than existing phone service.

VoIP Products and Services

AT&T Collaborate™

Choose a flexible solution that blends voice, video, instant messaging (IM), and conferencing into one. Multiple locations? Multiple devices? No problem — choose the right collaboration tools for your employees. You, and your bottom line, will love it.

Select an integrated solution with room to grow. AT&T Collaborate™, a cloud-based hosted voice and unified communications solution, can help you increase flexibility and trim startup time and costs.
Learn more about AT&T Collaborate >

SIP Trunking

Add more value and flexibility to your system with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking. The AT&T IP Flexible Reach service combines voice and data into a dynamic network that integrates with your existing PBX equipment.
Learn more about SIP trunking >

Hosted VoIP

Reach your employees anywhere with a fully hosted, network-based VoIP service that combines a full range of advanced features, applications and management tools over the AT&T network, helping to reduce your infrastructure and maintenance concerns.
Learn more about Hosted VoIP >

IP Toll-Free

Increase the effectiveness of your 800 service. IP Toll-Free is a fully managed toll-free service that provides a broad range of management and other features plus the flexibility to work with the services you currently have.
Learn more about IP Toll-Free >

AT&T Business in a Box®

Choose a smart and easy VoIP solution for your small business or satellite location. Enjoy the benefits of advanced voice and data technology without any management overhead. With the AT&T Business in a Box® gateway, voice and data services can work over a single network connection and device. And we manage the complexity for you.
Learn more about AT&T Business in a Box >

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  • What is VoIP? Why Does it Matter?

    Cut through the technical jargon surrounding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). For your employees, VoIP can be as simple as talking on the phone as usual, but with more flexibility in devices and features.

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Case Studies




  • Voice Transformation Podcast

    VoIP brings a world of possibilities to your business. From the far corners of the world or the conference room down the hall, Voice over IP (VoIP) empowers your business to connect, communicate and collaborate more effectively than ever before.

    Audio | [7:57]

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Additional Resources

  • What is SIP?

    SIP makes your voice trunks speak the same language as your network resulting in faster, better quality and more flexible service.

    PDF | 2MB
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