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A rich and reliable telepresence experience

Non-verbal communications – a smile, a frown or the raise of an eyebrow – can reveal more about a person’s thoughts than a written word or tone of voice. But in-person meetings aren’t always in the budget.

With a flexible range of AT&T Telepresence Solution® options - from an immersive telepresence room to a smartphone screen - you can see what you’ve been missing. Powered by the global reach and reliability of the AT&T network, you can also have the high-bandwidth, low-latency connections you need for high-quality video experiences.

Connect and collaborate with Telepresence

By creating a highly interactive visual connection with your partners, suppliers, customers and employees, AT&T can help you use telepresence to:

  • Fortify or build new relationships
  • Keep attendees more focused and productive
  • Accelerate decisions between multiple stakeholders
  • Negotiate contracts quickly
  • Build virtual design teams to speed development
  • Reduce travel time, costs and carbon emissions

Engage virtually anywhere, with nearly any endpoint

Now you have the flexibility to extend telepresence capabilities to nearly anyone and to virtually any endpoint, using the public Internet or a private connection.

You can focus less on how you collaborate and more on hosting a productive meeting. We have telepresence solutions for:

  • Large immersive telepresence rooms
  • Smaller meeting rooms
  • Desktop units
  • Mobile devices, including tablets, laptops or smartphones

Flexible Telepresence Solutions

With a variety of ways to bring people together, you can choose the telepresence capabilities that best match your needs.

The AT&T Business Exchange

The AT&T Business Exchange is our network-based collaboration platform that enables you to have private intra- and inter-company meetings with other registered companies. It provides a single way to set up, launch and administer a pre-scheduled or on-demand video meeting across a range of networks, organizations, providers and endpoint equipment types.

More than 130 organizations worldwide access the AT&T Business Exchange today from over 6,000 telepresence endpoints outside of the United States. In fact, more than one third of the companies ranked in the Fortune 100 are connected to the exchange.

With connections to a growing list of other providers, including Airtel, BT Conferencing, Orange Business Services, Tata Communications and T-Systems, you can hold meetings with participants on other exchanges.

Simplified Scheduling with AT&T Telepresence Solution

Meet with who you want

With a guest access feature on the AT&T Business Exchange, you can invite people inside and outside your organization to join in a scheduled meeting even if they aren’t a registered user. They can connect via the Internet, ISDN or your corporate VPN.

Meet when you want

Virtual meeting rooms offer the flexibility of conducting reservation-less, multi-point video collaboration on demand, and with the ease of a voice call. Instead of reserving resources in advance, everyone dials a number, enters an access code and joins others in a virtual meeting room.

What is telepresence?

AT&T Telepresence Solution lets you bring people together into a live video meeting. Telepresence delivers a virtual "in-person" meeting experience, allowing you to meet with customers, employees, suppliers and partners in multiple locations around the world.

The highly secure, IP-based AT&T network serves as the foundation for our telepresence service to help ensure the quality and privacy of your video collaborations.

How is AT&T Telepresence Solutions delivered?

You can decrease capital expenses and internal staff responsibilities with our cloud-based approach to telepresence and our managed services options, including proactive service and network management and meeting support.

There are a range of AT&T-provided equipment options to explore. If you have on-premises equipment, you can continue to manage it yourself, or let AT&T manage it for you.

A web-based portal and familiar scheduling tools, along with no-button and single- button options to start a telepresence meeting, deliver a simplified user experience.

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  • Telepresence Management Options

    AT&T Telepresence Solution offers a variety of customer care options to best fit your needs.  Review the differences between Managed Care, Essential Care and Help Desk Service.

    PDF | 765KB
  • AT&T Business Exchange

    Through the power of pervasive video, best in class organizations are transforming how they work, improving their results and gaining a competitive edge.

    PDF | 2MB
  • Telepresence Face Value Infographic

    Face-to-face communications are critical for building successful business relationships, but face-to-face doesn't necessarily mean in-person. Best practice companies are investing in telepresence and reaping the benefits.

    PDF | 309KB
  • Rapid Adoption Marketing Program

    AT&T created the Rapid Adoption Marketing Program (RAMP) as an internal marketing campaign designed to help you generate excitement and accelerate adoption and utilization of AT&T Telepresence Solution®

    PDF | 823KB
  • AT&T Telepresence Solution

    AT&T Telepresence Solution offers Cisco TelePresence™ endpoints giving you the flexibility to broaden your existing video collaboration environments or establish new meeting capabilities.

    PDF | 2MB


Case Studies


  • Scheduling an AT&T Telepresence Solution Meeting

    Learn how to schedule a meeting using the AT&T Telepresence Solution web-based scheduling portal. Whether you are connecting Cisco TelePresence, Tandberg, Polycom or Lifesize equipment, the portal allows you to easily set up meetings between internal or external registered locations or connect to non-registered guests.

    Video | [7:14]
  • Attending an AT&T Telepresence Solution Meeting

    Learn basic features of AT&T Telepresence Solution including how to initiate a pre-scheduled call, dial an ad hoc meeting, place your location on mute or hold, share laptop content and add an audio bridge if necessary.

    Video | [6:11]
  • AT&T Telepresence Solution Value Case Tool

    Have you heard about the benefits of telepresence and video collaboration but you're not sure how they apply to your organization? Learn how AT&T uses a step-by-step method and business transformation process to help you determine the measurable business impact.

    Video | [6:34]
  • Do More. With Telepresence.

    Everyone in your organization can use AT&T Telepresence Solution® to improve relationships, increase productivity, and accelerate business.

    Video | [2:15]
  • AT&T Telepresence Solution is Easy to Use

    This video shows how using AT&T Telepresence Solution to enable business to business collaboration and enhance your productivity is as easy as pushing a button or dialing a phone.

    Video | [1:28]


  • Transform Your Business Using Telepresence

    In this podcast, Alan Benway, Executive Director, Product Marketing Management, describes how companies in many industry segments are getting more done with colleagues, partners and suppliers using AT&T Telepresence Solution.

    Audio | [7:50]

White Papers

  • A Best Practice Guide to Pervasive Video

    This paper can help organizations lay the foundation towards achieving productive anytime, anywhere video collaboration from a business, operational and cultural perspective.

    PDF | 2MB
  • Business Transformation Through Telepresence

    Learn how telepresence can transform your organization. This white paper by the research company Aberdeen Group reveals the best practices for gaining business value and achieving the critical mass adoption of enterprise video collaboration necessary to support your business goals.

    PDF | 670KB

Additional Resources

  • Video is on the Move Infographic

    From tablets and smartphones to dedicated conference rooms, video conferencing is quickly becoming the tool of choice for enterprises looking to improve productivity and collaboration.

    PDF | 376KB
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