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Confidently store your business data in the cloud and access it from anywhere

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More than just space in the cloud. AT&T Cloud Storage℠ is the catalyst for new, more flexible and productive ways of working. Access and share data and collaborate from virtually anywhere, on almost any device—with the high-speed connectivity of the global AT&T network.

Advantages of AT&T Cloud Storage

Your enterprise data needs to be easily accessible and always available. With AT&T, your data resides in a highly secure environment. Operating storage platforms globally that process as many as 2.5 million simultaneous storage connections per second, AT&T Cloud Storage helps you:

  • Stay connected to data, applications, and resources
  • Expand or contract your storage on demand—and pay only for what you use
  • Reduce or eliminate storage-related capital investments
  • Employ a diverse range of storage options (block and object)
  • Enhance your cloud storage by connecting through AT&T NetBond®

Service highlights

Cutting-edge solutions, trusted expertise, and global resources—all to support your specific business cloud storage needs and challenges. With AT&T you get:

  • A service-level agreement for 99.99% availability, nearly eliminating downtime
  • Built-in data redundancy that virtually prevents data loss
  • Unlimited access to on-demand, pay-per-use storage
  • One-time procurement and setup with easy maintenance, reducing hassles and saving you time
  • The ability to mesh with your existing storage systems

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  • AT&T Cloud Storage
  • AT&T Cloud Storage

    AT&T Cloud Storage gives you scalable, pay-per-use data storage you can access anywhere via web-enabled devices.
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Case Studies



White Papers

  • Choosing the Right Service Provider for AT&T Cloud Storage

    This white paper examines the current trends in enterprise storage, the ongoing growth and shift toward cloud-based storage services, and how enterprises should choose a cloud service provider. This white paper also provides an overview of AT&T Cloud Storage.

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Additional Resources

  • Data Storage Shortage? You're Not Alone

    Enterprise data growth has organizations in every industry rethinking strategies for keeping infrastructure up to date, remaining competitive, and delivering on new opportunities.

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