Cloud Storage for Business

Streamline data storage with the flexibility of the cloud.

AT&T Cloud Storage: Pay as you go, for scalable anytime-anywhere capacity

Get more than just space in the cloud. With AT&T Cloud Storage℠, you can take advantage of pay-as-you-go infrastructure virtually anytime, anywhere and from any device—as well as capacity that adaptively scales to your business’s changing needs.

AT&T Cloud Storage

Minimize storage costs and secure data with on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud infrastructure. Do more and realize your business potential by using the tools, such as acceleration and duplication, of our AT&T Solution Providers to enhance the performance of our cloud storage service.

And, when you connect to AT&T Cloud Storage with AT&T NetBond®, you get the security and performance you can trust. Learn more about how AT&T NetBond delivers enterprise-grade security, scalability, and availability.

Remote Backup as a Service

Depend on highly secure, reliable data backup for your business continuity needs. Your data files will be stored in an AT&T Internet Data Center protected by layers of security. Increase your security by using your AT&T VPN to access your data.

AT&T Cloud Storage℠ gives you the ability to expand online storage capacity on the spot, without the setup costs and delays associated with traditional provisioning. It can also provide enhanced capabilities when combined with:

AT&T Cloud Storage with VPN

Protect your valuable, cloud-based assets with an extra layer of protection. By extending your virtual private network to your cloud storage, you can save and access your data freely—without using the public Internet.

Cloud Storage plays a key role in addressing a wide range of business needs and concerns, including:

File Sync and Share

Address growing access concerns. AT&T Cloud Storage with Enterprise File Sync and Share provides your business users access to their files, on their supported devices, online or offline. By combining a highly reliable file sync with a rich mobile and web experience, users can access their business files and share inside or outside the organization.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Be proactive about data security. AT&T Cloud Storage provides a simple, cost-effective solution for keeping files safe in the event of a natural disaster or disruption in service. It can also help you reliably meet compliance standards by backing up your data on a pre-determined schedule.

Data Retention

Simplify long-term data storage with a cloud-based solution. Efficiently archive and consolidate non-mission-critical data, like:

  • Web content
  • Large media files
  • Medical images
  • Data for audits or regulatory compliance
  • Replicated data for disaster recovery

Cloud Storage can also play a vital role in short-term operations. It’s often used to temporarily keep data in the cloud, so organizations can minimize the risk of losing it during the migration or application development processes.

Information can be your greatest asset, but efficiently managing it can be a challenge. AT&T Cloud Storage℠ provides the flexibility and on-demand availability to accommodate the needs of your organization as it evolves.

Protect your resources with an industry-leading cloud storage provider

Build your cloud on a strong foundation of enterprise-grade network security. With global Internet Data Centers distributed across the world’s largest network, AT&T is uniquely positioned to deliver enhanced levels of protection for your valuable data.

Simplify data storage setup and maintenance

After an initial, user-friendly provisioning process, our cloud storage solutions adjust your capacity automatically to accommodate the amount of space you need. They also provide:

  • An intuitive, online signup process
  • Relief from procurement hassles and delays
  • Anytime, anywhere access via a user-friendly web portal

Align cloud storage costs with your organization’s needs

Cloud Storage offers flexibility that’s designed to help mitigate storage costs and increase operational efficiency. It enables you to:

  • Reduce upfront capital investments
  • Take advantage of competitive, pay-as-you go pricing
  • Avoid costly termination fees
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  • AT&T Cloud Storage
  • AT&T Cloud Storage

    AT&T Cloud Storage gives you scalable, pay-per-use data storage you can access anywhere via web-enabled devices.
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    This white paper examines the current trends in enterprise storage, the ongoing growth and shift toward cloud-based storage services, and how enterprises should choose a cloud service provider. This white paper also provides an overview of AT&T Cloud Storage.

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