AT&T Private Cloud

Scalability and control with a customized infrastructure


A Highly Secure Private Cloud Solution

If the thought of putting your data in a public cloud causes concern, then you should know about AT&T Private Cloud.

By delivering virtualized compute infrastructure resources physically dedicated to your organization, AT&T Private Cloud provides the best of cloud computing -- self-service, scalability and control -- with the ability to customize your infrastructure with industry-leading capabilities only available from AT&T.

Performance and control

Instead of competing with others in a shared cloud infrastructure, AT&T Private Cloud provides you with:

  • A dedicated compute infrastructure to deliver higher levels of performance you can count on
  • A virtualization layer that enables applications to share the same set of physical assets to increase availability
  • Control over who can access, view or manipulate your mission-critical applications and data

A flexible private cloud

Customize your AT&T Private Cloud to design the solution that’s right for you:

  • Choose a fully managed server environment from AT&T to reduce staff stress
  • Select a self-service server management option with a web portal for easy provisioning and change management
  • Select dedicated or multi-tenant storage and network resources
  • Meet the unique needs of your business applications and compliance requirements

Private cloud security

Your AT&T Private Cloud is protected by layers of security controls and managed by AT&T security experts:

  • A dedicated server environment, based on isolated hardware for added security
  • Predictive, preventative and proactive network security controls
  • Intrusion detection/prevention and firewall management
  • Physical security within our geographically dispersed AT&T Internet Data Centers
  • Built to comply with industry standards, including ISO27001, HITRUST and PCI

AT&T Private Cloud: Powering What Matters

Private Cloud and Business applications

Move your most demanding applications and workloads to the AT&T Private Cloud to:

  • Create a reliable infrastructure with enterprise-class security and performance for business-critical data and applications
  • Help provide you with computing capacity to support applications with “can’t miss” deadlines, such as bi-weekly payroll
  • Give internal business units quick access to dedicated computing resources to deploy specific applications that support time-sensitive initiatives, programs or campaigns

High-performance computing

Dedicated private cloud resources deliver the dependable performance needed for:

  • Choose a fully managed server environment from AT&T to reduce staff stress
  • Complex science and engineering solutions that require immense computational power
  • Demanding data mining solutions that must collect and analyze massive amounts of raw data for reporting

Disaster recovery and compliance

Make AT&T Private Cloud part of your business continuity plan to:

  • Simplify data replication and failover and better meet recovery time objectives
  • Help meet audit and regulatory compliance requirements for how you store and retain data

An experienced cloud provider

With over a decade of experience delivering cloud solutions – backed by our hosting, security and networking expertise – you can depend on AT&T to provide the enterprise-grade private cloud solution you need.

To deliver the performance levels and business continuity required by critical workloads and applications, our 38 Internet Data Centers around the globe meet or exceed the highest industry standards for infrastructure redundancy, with a historical average for facility availability of over 99.999 percent.

Full lifecycle support for AT&T Private Cloud

Free your internal IT staff to focus on core business needs. Let AT&T design, deploy, maintain and evolve your private cloud solution.

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Case Studies


  • AT&T Private Cloud

    Learn how you can enjoy the self service, scalability and flexibility of cloud technology while also protecting mission critical applications in a virtualized infrastructure dedicated to your enterprise.

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