What every CEO needs to know about cybersecurity

Many executives are ill-advised and unprepared to tackle cybersecurity challenges.

Status quo is not an option:

  • Businesses suffered nearly 43 million security incidents in 2014, an increase of 48% over 2013 and equaling some 117 thousand incoming attacks daily1
  • AT&T saw a 62% growth in DDoS attacks across our network in the last two years2
  • 75% of businesses do not involve their full boards of directors in cybersecurity oversight3

Drawing upon decades of experience serving customers with one of the largest global IP networks, AT&T offers insights into technological and operational gaps where attacks occur. The goal is twofold: partner decision makers with those who implement cybersecurity actions and help leaders understand and implement tactics to guard from inevitable assaults.

Breaches and data loss headlines lower your company's reputation. As brand equity becomes intertwined with business results, board members and CEOs are accountable. However, security is a responsibility that must be shared amongst all employees.

The threats are pervasive. The need for action is clear. CEOs and board members must mitigate cybersecurity risks conjointly through proactive engagement.

Five questions every CEO should ask about cybersecurity:

  1. Is your board of directors fully engaged in cybersecurity?
  2. When did you and your board review your last risk assessment?
  3. What makes you a target for attacks?
  4. What data is leaving your company and is it secure?
  5. Have I provided my security organization all the tools and resources they need to help prevent a security breach?