Smart Cities

Smart City projects can increase citizen satisfaction and economic development, as well as improve safety and sustainability. How? By enabling improvements across key drivers in transit, lighting, parking, security, the environment, and infrastructure.



Living Labs – real insights on Smart City use cases

The Dallas Innovation Alliance (DIA), a 501c(3) public-private partnership, created the DIA Smart Cities Living Lab powered by AT&T. It’s a 4-block corridor in downtown Dallas and houses 9 integrated smart city projects. It also represents the fastest-to-market smart cities initiative in the country.

“This effort is the culmination of the hard work and dedication of our partners across the City of Dallas, civic, academic, corporate partners and the community. We are particularly grateful for the support and leadership of AT&T in making this vision a reality for Dallas.” Jennifer Sanders, DIA Executive Director

Smart City projects can help you realize your city’s vision

  • Citizen satisfaction and safety

    Improving the way services are delivered with IoT innovations can help transform cities and enhance citizens lives.

  • Economic development

    Data analytics of smart city technology can be leveraged to help better plan urban economics and projected development. 

  • Sustainability

    Taking a strategic approach to integrate technologies can help cities reduce energy, waste and costs, and advance sustainability goals.

Unlock the value of data being generated by connected things

Quickly address issues for the communities you serve

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Smart Lighting Infrastructure

Transform your existing lighting infrastructure into an IoT platform.

Smart Cities solutions

Learn which solutions can best address your needs

Products Purpose Benefits
Smart Lighting Infrastructure Transform your existing lighting infrastructure into an IoT platform and gain operational agility and actionable insights through near-real-time controls.
  • Rapid deployment with LTE
  • Reduced energy consumption and CO2 emissions through LED retrofit
  • Flexibility and further energy savings through dimming and scheduling

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