Remote workforce security solutions

Preserve business continuity and establish a remote workforce that keeps the business running without compromising on cybersecurity. Work with AT&T Cybersecurity to safely scale up work-from-home (WFH) capabilities.

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Protecting a suddenly remote workforce

Many organizations have been considering a network transformation to support the adoption of SaaS and cloud-based applications, as well as an increasingly remote workforce. However, global health events of 2020 forced many businesses to accelerate those initiatives. As a result, many technologists have had to make sudden and unplanned changes in the way workers connect to corporate systems that could introduce new cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

AT&T Cybersecurity is uniquely positioned to help organizations address these immediate challenges with an eye toward the future by helping them balance connectivity, collaboration, and cybersecurity affordably. Businesses working with AT&T Cybersecurity can help establish a highly secure remote workforce that safely operates now, with the ability to scale up or down in response to changing requirements.

  • Provide highly secure access from any device


    Help keep employees connected to the applications and data they need to complete their work.

  • Help protect laptops and mobile devices


    Defend corporate-owned and employee provided laptops and mobile phones against threats.

  • Security for Internet browsing


    Help protect users against web-based threats and enforce acceptable use policies.

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  • Help keep security awareness top-of-mind


    Help bolster security awareness among remote workers and keep defenses current with threats targeting them.

Enable and protect your remote workforce

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Help protect remote workers and provide highly secure remote access

Provide highly secure access from any device

The increasingly diverse population of today's suddenly remote workforce has been pushing more users to connect to corporate resources from a variety of devices, both personally and corporate-owned. AT&T Secure Remote Access and AT&T Enterprise Application Access are designed to provide highly secure access to the applications and data that employees need to complete their work, whether it resides in the data center or in the cloud. With these solutions administrators can grant access to specific applications, based on role or by user, reducing risk associated with traditional virtual private networks (VPNs) that provide access to an entire network segment.

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Security for Internet browsing

Today’s modern workforce needs comprehensive protection when they connect to the internet, wherever they are conducting business. AT&T Secure Web Gateway and AT&T Enterprise Traffic Protector help protect users against web-based threats including trojans, ransomware, and phishing attacks, even when they are off the corporate network. Administrators can also enforce acceptable use policies, customized by department or user to provide that the websites that employees visit are safe and appropriate for the workplace.

Help protect laptops and mobile devices

Endpoint Management security solutions from AT&T help organizations protect employee endpoints, including laptops and mobile phones. AT&T Cybersecurity provides support for device onboarding, deployment, configuration, and enrollment on corporate-owned and BYOD devices. This enables organizations to roll out endpoint protection solutions in a fast and streamlined manner. In addition, AT&T provides 24x7 helpdesk support and remote administration for those solutions, which helps alleviate the burden on critical IT security staff.

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Help keep security awareness top-of-mind

As workers transition from offices to their homes, practicing good cybersecurity hygiene becomes even more critical. During this transition, organizations should take time to reinforce cybersecurity policies and best practices. AT&T Cybersecurity can help with security awareness training solutions that address individual accountability in maintaining an organization’s cyber risk posture. Designed to be engaging, educational, and impactful, the training solutions are ready-made, including learning assessments, so that cybersecurity professionals do not have to spend critical time or resources building their own slide decks and quizzes for remote workers.

Get future ready through network and security transformation

Cloud-delivered applications and security support remote work

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Assessing cloud security readiness and risk

AT&T Cybersecurity consulting services can act as a trusted advisor to help set the strategy, design, and security readiness of your cloud security architecture during this transformation. Before shifting rapidly to the cloud, consider getting a second look at planned security controls and potential configuration issues or vulnerabilities that could put the remote workforce and the whole organization at risk.

Monitoring public cloud environments

Provide that the public cloud environments supporting your remote workforce security are as protected from threats as your user devices and connections. AT&T Threat Detection and Response services can continuously monitor public cloud IaaS and SaaS environments alongside on-premises network and endpoint monitoring.

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