Work from home with fully managed service and security provided by AT&T

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Turn on the features of the U115 without a license fee

Features Details
VPN and firewall
  • Centrally configured stateful firewall, includes intrusion detection and/or prevention
  • Help secure your VPN traffic with highest levels of encryption
Optimize application performance
  • Prioritize mission critical applications
  • Direct access to cloud-based applications
  • Use Intelliflow to see application performance
Manage bandwidth
  • View your cellular usage and set alerts at thresholds you desire
  • View your broadband utilization
Flexible management options
  • Centralized orchestration, you can see performance with  full monitoring and management from AT&T or you can co-manage with the ability to create on- demand configuration changes


Remote worker on laptop with caption: Starting at $29/mo.

5G Ready

  • With an onboard modular radio, upgrades to LTE-Advanced or even 5G are simple.
  • Each U115 ships with an AT&T sim ready to support virtually all rate plans.
  • Use cellular as your primary back, back-up path or use two paths together.

What do you need to work from home?


    Lock down LAN ports to only company issued devices like IP phones, laptops and printers


    Prioritize work applications get priority treatment


    Stay connected with existing home internet, or add AT&T Fiber Broadband or AT&T Wireless Broadband


    Let AT&T monitor your network and handle troubleshooting


    Mix and match other AT&T VPN components to solve virtually all your business needs

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