2022 AT&T Cybersecurity Insights Report

Learn what organizations globally are doing to proactively transition security as they innovate at the edge.

Research highlights

Safeguard your digital assets at the edge – make your move to the edge through the lens of security

  • believe a compromise at the edge is very likely and will be impactful


  • are concerned about ransomware attacks at the edge


  • are concerned about attacks against user/endpoint devices


  • are concerned about attacks through cloud workloads


  • are concerned about physical attacks against technical components such as IoT devices and abandoned assets


Globally, organizations are forging ahead with edge computing and prioritizing a transition for securing it

  • Competitive global marketplace

    Enterprise survival depends on edge helping them to remain competitive and meet user and customer expectations

  • Changing business models

    Board members and executives want change because they recognize that traditional infrastructure strategies won’t carry their organizations into the future

  • Managing stakeholder expectations

    The line of business and IT appear to be working together on security spending and prioritizing ways to satisfy the needs of both groups.

  • Common use cases

    Across industries, businesses are implementing edge solutions. While the business expectations for edge use cases are high, security practices for the edge are still emerging

Industry verticals

Securing the edge is a team effort

  • Rally stakeholders and challenge comfort zones

    Edge is surprisingly far along in adoption, bring stakeholders along on a journey of opportunities and challenges.

  • Emphasize security by design

    Throughout all stages of edge network discussions and implementations, consider legacy controls where they are effective and be open to next-generation approaches.

  • Evaluate the benefit cost of security controls

    Keep in mind the need for visibility across the entire attack surface. Scrutinize traditional assumptions and look across industries for guidance and best practices.

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  • Seek expertise from others

    Edge security is emerging. Collaborate with your peers and engage security services providers with broad, complementary capabilities to help reduce complexity, lower cost, and enable rapid scalability.

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