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Learn how to protect your enterprise in a world of edge computing and IoT connectivity, led by the transition to 5G.

Research highlights

Stay ahead of new threats — think differently about security

  • concerned about the threat of web application attacks


  • executing or have completed a Zero Trust implementation, with 27% researching


  • who already completed IoT implementation believe devices will increase because of 5G and edge computing 


  • believe threats are a significant challenge to the availability and integrity of networks


Securing the transition to 5G and the edge enables innovation

  • Competitive differentiator

    There's been a drastic shift in how technology is being adopted, introduced, and used for competitive advantage.

  • Business continuity

    New IT technologies are market disruptors. 2020 is the year cybersecurity moved from a technical issue to a business enabler.

  • Collaboration

    Teamwork between IT and business leaders is key to a business' ability to grow and remain competitive. 

Securing the business is a shared responsibility

  • Protecting data is a vital business concern

    The security of data in transit at the speed of 5G and at the edge is only as strong as the weakest link in the security chain. 

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  • Protecting explosion of diverse, connected "things"

    With an influx of IoT botnets expected, identity access management and endpoint security technologies are increasingly important.

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  • 5G edge computing and Zero Trust architectures

    Organizations can't assume every connected device is safe. Zero Trust principles are a natural fit for a 5G and edge world.

    Global network icon
  • A call for shared security responsibility 

    Network operators designed 5G with better capabilities, but 5G requires a shared responsibility, like in public cloud. 

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Security design should incorporate automation and the ability to apply security policies dynamically to keep up with the speed and scale of 5G networks.

Network Virtualization

The transition to edge computing and 5G includes network virtualization. Virtual security controls and micro-segmentation work to thwart attachers' lateral movement and help protect critical data and applications should an attacker get in and establish granular policy control. 

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