Stay ahead of the dramatic shift in edge computing. Learn how an edge ecosystem can ensure better resiliency and security for your enterprise.

Research highlights

The state of edge ecosystem – what respondents are saying

  • consider themselves to be in partial implementation across all edge types

  • fall under the industrial IoT/ OT edge type, followed by IaaS/PaaS/SaaS cloud data center

  • say on-premises private cellular 5G is the leading-edge network connectivity

  • believe ‘Firewall at the Network Edge’ delivers the best cost saving benefit  

Discover themes that are central to the edge ecosystem

  • Partner ecosystem

    In-house IT and security teams may lead, but engage partners, from network architecture through management and monitoring.

  • Cost efficiency

    Decision makers are scrutinizing budgets, edge use case costs, and potential returns on investment.

  • Network and security resilience

    As organizations operate with far-flung edges, resilience depends heavily on designing architectures capable of evolving as conditions change.

Industry verticals

Key takeaways on edge ecosystem

  • Organization

    Collaborate across silos and communicate cross-functionally to enable a holistic view of edge use cases and to reduce risk.

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  • Planning

    Plan to pivot. Change is inevitable. Expect edge requirements and standards to evolve over the coming years.

  • Security

    Bolster risk management by identifying and classifying the value of assets that reside in, travel to, or are processed at the edge.

  • Budget

    Edge drives competitive differentiation. Invest first in fundamentals of strategy, planning, network, and security before application development.

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