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Is your business prepared for 5G?

Security leaders understand 5G is on the horizon—but are they prepared for the cybersecurity implications, including the new technologies, increases in network entry points, and explosion of IoT devices? Find out in our latest report.
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Research highlights

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Back to the drawing board

What kind of security concerns does 5G bring? We found that among survey respondents, only 22% feel their current security policies will continue to be effective under 5G. The remaining 78% believe they will need to tweak, rewrite, or completely rethink their cybersecurity policies.

Life in the fast lane

Many of the attacks on 5G networks will be the same as those encountered today — perhaps in some cases taking advantage of faster bandwidth and a higher number of network-connected devices, yet still relying on familiar vulnerabilities and known attack methods. 76% of respondents, though, expect wholly new security threats to emerge.

Not your typical network

The topology of the network is changing. We can no longer assume that traffic is entering the network through a pinch-point such as an internet gateway. This has strong implications in the areas of authentication and identity. Discover these insights and more in our report.

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