Care with Premier Online Care

An online tool to help manage wireless accounts with ease

Account Management with Premier Online Care


Premier Online Care offers corporate enterprise and small business customers a robust suite of features and services designed to help telecom managers (TCM) and authorized Corporate Responsibility Users (CRU) manage their wireless accounts, run reports, and view and pay bills online. This self-service tool helps companies reduce resources spent managing their wireless business and allows more time to focus on other business needs.


Main components of Premier Online Care


  • Account Management—online account management for company administrator (also known as telecom managers), and Corporate Responsibility Users (CRU)
  • Premier eBill (including DDP)—electronic bill viewing, payment, and analysis


Who has access?


Premier Online Care is available to all customers who have a Premier site. Those customers' Corporate Responsibility Users can be granted access to Premier Online Care as well. Customers with procurement integration with Premier using systems such as Ariba, SAP, and Oracle will not have Premier Online Care integrated with their environment at this time.


Features of Premier Online Care


  • Immediate self-service features that provide more control over wireless billing and account management
  • The ability to automate and delegate time consuming daily tasks such as updating wireless user information, adding or removing features for wireless users, and suspending or reinstating service on an account
  • Increased automation so less time is spent on day-to-day account management and billing activities
  • Easy access to viewing billed and unbilled usage, paying bills online, and more
  • Access to 32 predefined reports and customized reports. Data can be downloaded to Excel spreadsheets to generate graphs, charts, and pivot tables.


Contact your AT&T Mobility account team for more information about Premier Online Care.


Benefits of Premier eBill


Premier eBill is Premier's online billing and reporting tool where customers manage, view, and pay stand-alone wireless service bills online. This tool provides an efficient and convenient way to handle all your wireless billing needs.


It's efficient, convenient, and secure


  • View, download, and save bills quickly and easily at any time.
  • Print an entire bill or just the remittance slip when necessary.
  • Customize reports from templates for easy analysis.
  • View and report on historical billing data up to 16 months.
  • View unbilled usage in addition to billed voice and data usage.
  • Receive email notification alerts when your bill is ready online instead of waiting for a paper bill or CD.
  • Pay bills and set up recurring payments online anytime instead of calling in or mailing a check.
  • Grant or deny employee access by managing user access permissions.
  • Keep company data safe through embedded encryption.