Premier eBill

Premier eBill can be an all-in-one solution for wireless billing!

Manage your billing online


Premier eBill is an online support solution for managing your AT&T wireless invoices conveniently and efficiently. A dynamic billing experience that allows customers to view, analyze, dispute, and pay bills days before a paper bill would normally arrive. You’ll get visibility into the details of usage and costs–across multiple systems, services, companies or countries.


Who can use Premier eBill?

Premier eBill supports businesses of all sizes. There are different user access levels, ranging from Company Administrators to end users. Company Administrators have full access to all benefits of the tool and can create and grant permissions to other users within their own company. End users can monitor their own usage and charges if the Company Administrator permits such access.

Keep on Top of Your Game with Premier eBill

Flexibility—Premier eBill is flexible enough for all users’ reporting needs within a company—from summary level to usage detail by service and location. Premier eBill provides 24/7 online service access for our customers. You can pay your monthly Premier eBill via credit card or EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer—allows you to pay from your checking account). Reduce paper mailers and the need for checks, envelopes, and postage.

Convenience—With paper invoices, the monthly review process can be time-consuming and a costly endeavor. Premier eBill eliminates many of the manual processes associated with paper invoices, reducing the amount of time, amount of paperwork, and number of people it takes to review and pay your company’s telecom invoices. Premier eBill preconfigured and custom reporting capabilities provide the view you need and eliminate the time it takes for manual manipulation of data. Use Premier eBill to share or transfer reports directly to your company server for collaboration.

Cost Control—Paper invoices take up a lot of valuable storage space. But with Premier eBill, up to 16 months of invoices are stored online and help meet most audit compliance guidelines. In addition, trending and variance reports track month-over-month spending to help detect fraudulent usage, highlight charges that exceed thresholds you set and can be used to create forecasts to plan for upcoming activity.

Security—Seamless and security enhanced access to critical data. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can gain control over all aspects of your monthly invoice process. Schedule an online payment and have control over your cash management—via our security enhanced access. And with our security enhanced registration process you can restrict access to various portions of the bill. You determine who can view and pay your invoices, giving access to only those who need it.

So ask yourself… Can I replace paper with Premier eBill?

Yes! In addition to the many benefits listed, Premier eBill users also get instant access to a wide array of online billing and payment features:

  • Click to Chat live with technical and personalized support
  • Email alerts when your bill is ready online, instead of waiting for the paper bill or CD
  • Apply directly or import/export custom labels that will personalize the bill and make it quicker and easier to view and analyze your data
  • Ask a billing question about one or more line items within a given invoice online and track issue resolution—without picking up the phone
  • Obtain online Help, training and customer service


Access Premier eBill Now!

Log in to Premier Online Care. Under First-Time User, click register. Contact your designated Account Team if you do not have access to Premier Online Care.