Premier How-to Videos & Tutorials

The Premier How-to video series and tutorials introduce AT&T business customers to the benefits of using Premier to meet their business needs. See how easy it is to get started, manage, and use your online AT&T wireless account from virtually anywhere—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Getting Started Tutorial Video
Premier Overview Video
Learn how to save time and money with Premier.
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Manage Your Wireless Service with Premier
As an administrator, you know how hectic your day can be. Meet Emily, an administrator at a mid-size tech company. Learn how AT&T Premier helped make her day easier by helping her manage, monitor, and purchase wireless products.
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Premier University
Learn how to register and attend a free Premier University course online.
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Orders Tutorial Video
Buy Online, Pick Up in Store
Take advantage of special online pricing and promotions, and eliminate shipping costs.
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Check Status of Orders and Requests
Learn how to check the status of orders and requests placed through Premier.
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AT&T Mobility eBonding: For ordering and managing wireless devices and plans
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AT&T Mobility eBonding App in the ServiceNow Store
Learn how to check the ServiceNow Store on your Mobility eBonding App
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Account Management – Device and Service Tutorial Video
Device Support for Emergencies
In an emergency, learn how to provide your wireless users with a new device from an AT&T retail store.
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Activate a Wireless Device Online
Learn how to activate new devices online for existing wireless numbers.
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Change Wireless Services in Bulk
Learn how to add or remove services for multiple wireless numbers all at once.
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Change Your AT&T Number to Your Number from Another Provider
Learn how you can easily port or transfer a wireless number to AT&T from another service provider, and then replace your current number with the transferred number. And, you can do it all online.
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Account Management - Administration Tutorial Video
Create or Delete an Administrator
Create new company or billing records for administrators, delete an administrator record, and set administrator permissions.
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Reset an Administrator Password
Learn how company administrators initiate an administrator password reset.
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Set Permissions for Wireless Users
See how a company or billing account administrator sets permissions for wireless users.
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Set Permissions for Wireless Users and Administrators
Learn how company administrators set permissions for foundation accounts, billing accounts, billing administrators, and other company administrators.
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Manage Your Connected Car Accounts
Need a secure, convenient, and affordable way to keep your mobile workforce connected? Enroll your Connected Cars in Premier under your AT&T corporate account and activate flexible shared, pooled, or unlimited data plans for the vehicles' 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots. Then start enjoying the many benefits Premier has to offer, like managing your vehicles’ hotspots online, 24/7!
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Manage Employee Group Settings
Learn how administrators can customize product and purchasing preferences to increase employee productivity, manage costs, and implement the controls necessary to meet your business needs.
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Update Administrator Permissions
Learn how to update an administrator’s permissions.
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Set Up Enterprise Retail Support for Corporate Responsibility Users
Learn about the benefits of enrolling in Enterprise Retail Support.
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Account Management - General Tutorial Video
Update Wireless User Information
Learn how to update information, such as name or address, for a wireless number.
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Transfer Billing Responsibility
Learn how company administrators authorize a transfer of billing responsibility from a company wireless line to an individual line.
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Account Management - Billing (eBill) Tutorial Video
Monthly User Statement
Premier eBill Monthly User Statement—an easy way to manage the account for the wireless users in your company. Easily maintain a wireless user address book and send Monthly User Statements directly to each user's email inbox. Track their responses, and take follow-up action if needed.
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Navigate Premier eBill
Learn how easy it is to manage your wireless billing with Premier eBill. You can view summary charges and access the details if needed. You can also request a PDF of a full invoice, with or without charge details, run reports, and dispute charges. Mail in your payment or pay online. It’s all up to you.
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Run Unbilled Usage Reports
Avoid surprises on your monthly bill. Learn how to view, run, and schedule unbilled usage reports in eBill. Get the details on overages and zero usage, as well as Mobile Share Value plan and pooled voice and data usage—at all stages of your billing cycle.
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View Your Bill Online
Learn a fast and convenient way to view your wireless bill online with eBill. Depending on your foundation account type, you can easily get summary data, with charge details just a click away.
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Plans and Features Tutorial Video
How to Change a Rate Plan and Add Features
Learn how change a rate plan and add features for a wireless number.
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Manage International Features
Learn how to create a request to add, change, or remove features for international travel and international communications.
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Reports Tutorial Video
Request and View Wireless User Management Reports
Learn how to request, retrieve, and download wireless user reports.
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Check the Upgrade Eligibility Report
Learn how to run a report to check equipment upgrade eligibility for multiple wireless numbers.
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