AT&T Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

AT&T Business combines leading managed SD-WAN services, cybersecurity capabilities, and the power of 5G to deliver cutting edge SASE solutions.


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Why AT&T Business for SASE?

Converged network and security solutions for today’s modern business

  • Applications are moving out of the data center and into the cloud, more employees are working from remote locations than ever before, and data is being accessed from a wide range of company and personally owned devices. All of these factors make it difficult for network and security administrators to know what applications and data are being accessed by whom as well as their usage. And what isn’t seen, cannot be managed or secured.

  • With AT&T SASE, organizations can utilize the power of their network and security as a business enabler. Administrators are empowered to provide users with low-latency access to applications hosted at the data center or in the cloud, and to apply unified security policies virtually anywhere business is conducted.

  • Software-defined wide area network


    Provides centralized visibility of all circuits across locations and a way to manage data flows.


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  • Secure web gateway


    Protects users virtually anywhere they are located to help provide that the sites they visit are both safe and appropriate for the workplace.


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  • Firewall as a service (FWaaS)


    Protects users and assets located on network against a wide range of modern threats.


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  • Cloud access security broker (CASB)


    Provides visibility into cloud-based application usage so security controls may be applied.


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  • Zero trust network access (ZTNA)


    Offers access to applications, by role or by user, often without placing users on the network.


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  • AT&T Managed Services


    Reduce burden on IT teams with deployment, policy design, 24x7 monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


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Potential benefits

Enabling digital transformation with unified visibility and protection

Improved network performance

Deploy redundant, high bandwidth circuits from each location to the internet, while prioritizing mission-critical applications.

Lower cost and complexity

Consolidate networking and security services to a single provider and reduce the number of appliances hosted on-premises.

Better user experience

Offer users consistent, high-quality experiences when accessing applications or the internet.

Higher security efficacy

Apply unified security policies across locations, users, and devices and provide access to only the data required to complete job duties.

SASE Readiness Consultation

AT&T Cybersecurity Consulting offers an end to end SASE advisory service, covering the basic requirements of SASE all the way through architecture and deployment guidance.

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Exploring a Managed Services Approach to SASE

In this analyst report, learn about the varied SASE approaches and resulting market confusion, the anticipated security and business advantages of SASE, and the benefits of working with a managed service provider for your SASE instrumentation.

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Use cases

Supporting the journey from hybrid to cloud, and every step in between

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SaaS and cloud-based applications

Employees often utilize unsanctioned programs to complete work, which may store sensitive information. Administrators need visibility into what cloud-based applications are accessed by users so they can apply security controls.

Connected branches

Backhauling network traffic to the data center isn’t efficient when accessing the internet or cloud-based applications. Organizations need to connect their branch offices directly to the internet to improve performance.

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Remote/mobile users

Employees now conduct business from many locations, utilizing company owned and personal devices. Businesses require solutions that provide efficient access to applications and consistent protection against malware or data loss.

Zero-trust network architecture

Organizations cannot operate under the old model of simply guarding the perimeter against external threats. Access to data must be limited to what is required and all traffic inspected.

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AT&T SASE Branch with Fortinet

Built-in security at the WAN edge with industry-leading performance.

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AT&T SASE with Palo Alto Networks

A new approach to networking and security for today’s modern business.

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Enhances traditional WAN with intelligent dynamic routing, optimized cloud connectivity, and visibility into applications and performance.

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AT&T Secure Web Gateway

Cloud-delivered, unified protection across users and devices.

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AT&T Secure Remote Access

Give employees precise access to the applications and data required to work from anywhere.

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