External vulnerability scanning services

We can help you diagnose the digital health of your business by identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses before they become problems. All without the cost and risk of you going it alone.

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Who it’s for

Most businesses are at risk of cyber attack.

Security breaches are especially harmful for small to medium sized businesses, with 44% suffering cyber attacks. In fact, 60% of those attacked go out of business within 6 months. Your business needs vulnerability scanning if you:


    Store private client records


    Use the cloud


    Accept credit card data


    Comply with PCI-DSS

How it works

How AT&T external vulnerability scanning services work

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Scan networks and assets

AT&T scans the networks and assets supporting your company’s business operations. With a comprehensive set of both interactive and static reports to help provide a clear and precise picture of your organization’s total threat landscape.

Assess and Monitor your perimeter from an external perspective

Evaluation of assets from an external perspective provides a highly accurate snapshot of your organization’s potential vulnerabilities. Our highly accurate scanning solutions capture the current risk profile of connected devices for a thorough examination of your network.

Leverage professional advice + an easy to use portal

AT&T security consultants act as your trusted advisor, providing vulnerability and compliance reporting with an easy to use portal that elevates your understanding of security and compliance issues, with the help of an AT&T certified security professional.

What you get

Streamline compliance and mitigate vulnerabilities

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Meet PCI DSS scan requirements

  • Prepare for PCI vulnerability scan requirement using the AT&T External Vulnerability Scanning Service
  • Scan all internet-facing networks and systems to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses, with less than one percent false positive rate

Automate & centralize ASV network scans

  • Provide for continuous compliance by automatically scheduling quarterly ASV network vulnerability scans
  • View vulnerability scan results and analyze data to plan for mitigation of risks
  • Access ASV Scan Report Executive Summary

Work with security experts

  • Work closely with experienced AT&T consultants to establish the proper scope for your objectives and PCI scan targets
  • Receive attestation report when a clean scan is achieved
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Document & improve vulnerability management

  • Show that high-, medium- and low-risk vulnerabilities are being identified and remediated
  • Simplify and accelerate internal policy and regulatory compliance adherence
  • Consult with AT&T industry experts on meeting corporate security policies and cybersecurity regulations

Scan web applications

  • Identify critical vulnerabilities and common misconfigurations
  • Perform extensive testing of web applications against industry best practices
  • Assure that custom-built, in-house, and commercial web apps are built and maintained securely

Manage PCI ASV scan costs

  • Select the solution that meets your requirements and budget
  • Choose quarterly or on-demand scanning, based on your network’s size and organization’s scan needs

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