AT&T Cybersecurity for mobility and IoT

AT&T Cybersecurity serves as a trusted advisor who can take a holistic approach to securing digital and business transformation in mobility and IoT, helping to make it faster and safer to innovate.

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Industry trends

Securing digital transformation in mobility and IoT

Digital transformation is changing the way organizations address cyber risk

LTE, 5G, and IoT technologies and networks bring exciting new possibilities for the enterprise. Prudent organizations are taking a proactive stance by anticipating the security requirements that come with the technologies. Given the multifaceted nature of these emerging wireless technologies, it is critical for enterprises to address potential cyber risks early and in tandem with strategy, planning, implementation, and operations.

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Highly secure remote access and endpoint security

Provide mobile workers with highly secure access to internal systems and safe internet browsing

How mobility is transforming business

Field technicians and sellers need near-real-time access from mobile devices to the organization’s internal applications and data on premises and in the cloud.

How cybersecurity fits in

Organizations must provide highly secure and reliable remote access to internal applications and data help to protect remote workers’ mobile devices.

How AT&T Cybersecurity can help

AT&T Cybersecurity managed network security solutions support highly secure access needs for remote workers from virtually anywhere. With AT&T unified endpoint security solutions, organizations can simplify and centralize device management for laptops and mobile devices.

5G security

Take advantage of emerging 5G use cases while maintaining your cyber risk posture

How mobility is transforming business

Today, consumers want immersive and personalized experiences including 3D volumetric video, AR/VR, and mobile devices enabled by 5G and edge computing capabilities.

How cybersecurity fits in

New and additional access points on the enterprise network must be monitored and protected against cyber threats.

How AT&T Cybersecurity can help

AT&T Cybersecurity provides managed network security services that help to protect and segment enterprise networks. AT&T Threat Detection and Response provides continuous network security monitoring.

IoT security

Introduce IoT enabled customer experiences with cybersecurity built in

How IoT is transforming business

The Internet of Things has broad applications across the organization and can help to increase operational efficiencies, create virtually seamless customer experiences, and help keep workers safe.

How cybersecurity fits in

Organizations should address IoT-related cyber risks by adopting a proactive approach that builds in security from the start. The goal should be to lay down a strategy that aligns IoT security with the organization’s existing cybersecurity policies and systems.

How AT&T can help

AT&T provides strategic cybersecurity advisory services as well as highly secure, carrier-grade connectivity for IoT, allowing businesses to authenticate end points, provide constant communications, and offer system integrity through technology based on 3GPP standards.

Highly secure edge computing

Help protect sensitive data by keeping it within a local wireless network environment

How mobility is transforming business

With multi-access edge computing solutions, organizations can keep cellular traffic within a local area network, facilitating cloud computing capability at the edge.

How cybersecurity fits in

Organizations must work to provide that no sensitive data leakage or exposure if a mobile device leaves the facility or if the data is mistakenly routed to the public network.

How AT&T Cybersecurity can help

AT&T Cybersecurity managed network security services and threat detection and response services monitor network traffic and help to protect sensitive data.

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