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Brochures (11)
AT&T Wholesale World Class Customer Experience [PDF, 934KB]

Find out how AT&T is investing in a world class Customer Experience.

Wholesale AT&T Connect [PDF, 584KB]

AT&T Connect®  is an integrated conferencing service that transforms voice and web conferencing from separate point applications used by only a small percentage of employees into a single, enterprise-wide communication tool. This service is not available for resale.

AT&T Wholesale Advantage [PDF, 661KB]

Need to pick up the pace of your business? Put local-to-global communications solutions from AT&T to work for you. For consistent quality, reliability and simplicity, connect with AT&T to move your business forward.

AT&T Wholesale Local Platform (WLP) [PDF, 369KB]

AT&T Wholesale Local Platform (WLP) is an end-to-end wholesale local service solution that is available to service providers across AT&T''s incumbent serving areas in AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN.

AT&T Voice Over IP Connect Service (AVOICS) [PDF, 426KB]

AT&T Voice Over IP Connect Service (AVOICS) provides IP-based connectivity to AT&T's network for domestic and international VoIP call termination.

AT&T Global Hubbing - Local Access: Netherlands, Guatemala and Chile [PDF, 303KB]

Interconnection via the AT&T nodes in the Netherlands, Guatemala and Chile provides an alternative access solution for customers in geographic proximity to these locations.

Global Hubbing IP Access [PDF, 399KB]

AT&T's Global Hubbing IP Access provides an alternative solution for ISPs and others wishing to connect to AT&T Hubbing service using IP capability.


SS7 Signaling and Database Services

Service Providers can purchase a comprehensive suite of SS7 Signaling and Database Services from one provider:  AT&T.

AT&T International Services [PDF, 437KB]

AT&T offers a broad portfolio of wholesale services for the global market.

AT&T Local Wholesale Complete [PDF, 369KB]

AT&T Local Wholesale Complete (LWC) is an end-to-end local service solution that is available to local service providers across AT&T's incumbent serving areas in AR, CA, CT, IL, IN, KS, MI, MO, NV, OH, OK, TX and WI.

Global Hubbing [PDF, 477KB]

Supports competitiveness in international voice termination within home markets by routing traffic to AT&T for delivery.

White Papers (2)
AT&T's Common Architecture for Real-Time Services over IP (CARTS) [PDF, 2MB]

CARTS is the roadmap that will guide AT&T's transition to the next generation of network services. This whitepaper describes the technical underpinnings of the rich multi-media architecture that will enable AT&T's vision of the future of communications to become a reality.

VoIP Reliability - Does Your Wholesale Provider Measure Up?

Learn the pitfalls to avoid and the features to insist upon in order to improve your chances for success when making the switch from TDM to VoIP.

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