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Brochures (20)
Build It For Me Web Hosting Bundle [PDF, 680KB]

This brochure provides information on the Build It For Me Web Hosting Bundle.

Get Me Started Web Hosting Bundle [PDF, 680KB]

This brochure provides information on the Get Me Started Web Hosting Bundle.

AT&T Shared Web Hosting Service [PDF, 469KB]

AT&T helps you establish an online business presence and gives you the ability to create your own business website without the cost of maintaining expensive server equipment or access.  

Consulting Solutions-Wholesale [PDF, 498KB]

AT&T Consulting Solutions offers professional serviced to optimize IT infrastructure and support emerging technologies.

AT&T Wholesale World Class Customer Experience [PDF, 934KB]

Find out how AT&T is investing in a world class Customer Experience.

AT&T Managed Hosting Services [PDF, 370KB]

The AT&T Managed Hosting service uses our new scalable utility architecture. This service delivers a complete end-to-end solution and service guarantee with a new comprehensive support model that designates named resources to support your business.

AT&T Telepresence Solution [PDF, 644KB]

The AT&T Telepresence Solution allows you to create life-size, in-person meeting experiences with all the depth and richness of face-to-face meetings.

Wholesale AT&T Connect [PDF, 584KB]

AT&T Connect®  is an integrated conferencing service that transforms voice and web conferencing from separate point applications used by only a small percentage of employees into a single, enterprise-wide communication tool. This service is not available for resale.

AT&T Wholesale Advantage [PDF, 661KB]

Need to pick up the pace of your business? Put local-to-global communications solutions from AT&T to work for you. For consistent quality, reliability and simplicity, connect with AT&T to move your business forward.

Wholesale USI's PeopleSoft BPO Payroll Service [PDF, 371KB]

USi, an AT&T company, offers service providers comprehensive payroll management services designed to increase payroll accuracy and timeliness, while providing cost savings.

AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services [PDF, 397KB]

AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services offer you a rich portfolio of flexible hosting solutions including security, storage, intelligent content distribution, disaster recovery and load balancing options with VPN and data networking integration.

AT&T Web Hosting - Virtual And Managed Dedicated Servers [PDF, 431KB]

If you are a new webmaster, would like to take your company online, or just need a place to run your software or applications, AT&T Web Hosting has the solution for you.  With Virtual Dedicated Server or Managed Dedicated Server, you can set up an e-commerce store, manage unlimited email addresses, run different websites, and have a space for all your internal and external business web needs.

AT&T Conference Now [PDF, 463KB]

AT&T on-demand audio and web conferencing services are now available for resale. AT&T Conference Now gives you the ability to offer your end users a full suite of branded conferencing solutions.

AT&T Server Monitoring & Management [PDF, 368KB]

AT&T Server Monitoring & Management Services are a suite of capabilities that support your hosting environment including your software, operating system, web, application, database and other servers in an AT&T Internet Data Center or your own Data Center.

AT&T Application Acceleration [PDF, 663KB]

This brochure provides an overview of AT&T's Application Acceleration capabilities, which can improve Web application performance and user experience for customers hosted in AT&T IDCs.

SS7 Signaling and Database Services

Service Providers can purchase a comprehensive suite of SS7 Signaling and Database Services from one provider:  AT&T.

Teleconference Services [PDF, 337KB]

AT&T's complete line of teleconference service solutions, including audio, data and video, reduces travel time and expense while increasing productivity wherever people are located.

AT&T Integrated Global Enterprise Management System (iGEMS) [PDF, 440KB]

This Product Brief shows how the AT&T iGEMS platform helps clients meet their business objectives by monitoring and managing the performance of a client's network, servers, and applications through advanced root-cause fault analysis and event correlation.

AT&T BusinessDirect Portal [PDF, 502KB]

This Product Brief provides an overview of the AT&T BusinessDirect® Portal, a value-added extension of our managed services that provides enhanced visibility and control of a managed solution.

AT&T Internet Data Center Transformation [PDF, 369KB]

This Product Brief provides an overview of AT&T Internet Data Center Transformation, a single-source solution from AT&T for migrating a internet data or hosting center from one location to another. The service includes project planning, preparation, management, hardware (HW) and software (SW) migration planning, connectivity, migration, planning, mover coordination, and multi-vendor management with single-sourced accountability.

White Papers (2)
AT&T's Common Architecture for Real-Time Services over IP (CARTS) [PDF, 2MB]

CARTS is the roadmap that will guide AT&T's transition to the next generation of network services. This whitepaper describes the technical underpinnings of the rich multi-media architecture that will enable AT&T's vision of the future of communications to become a reality.

360o Risk Assessment Is The New Standard

This white paper describes AT&T's multifaceted security environment - a critical part of managing converged networks. AT&T offers service providers security solutions built upon the highly effective systems it has developed for its own use.

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