Wireless Provider

The evolution towards converged services is gaining momentum.  Subscribers are driving the demand for today's data-intensive 3G applications and services such as gaming and content.  Mobile carriers need network solutions that are secure and reliable and provide optimized connectivity to any location - across the street or across the globe.

To achieve this, the network must scale to allow communications via voice, email, video or instant messaging.  It must also be flexible enough to accommodate a continuous influx of new devices that rely upon a myriad of technologies and networks like Bluetooth, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, WiMAX, RFID, EV-DO, UMTS/HSDPA, mesh networks or OFDM.   AT&T's award-winning data services facilitate the delivery of a wide spectrum of seamless and reliable services, spanning domestic and global network boundaries.

AT&T provides the support necessary to help you migrate to our reliable, secured IP-enabled network for wireless voice traffic and other converged applications.  Whether or not you choose to implement these solutions immediately, we have the vision and expertise to tailor a plan designed for your unique requirements - enabling you to gradually transition your network from legacy applications to delivering high-capacity, next-generation multi-media applications on a secure MPLS network.

Here are some of the ways in which AT&T supports you:

  • "Cell-to-Anywhere" integrated connectivity solutions, including signaling, gateway, and database services, to efficiently route and terminate calls;

  • Scalable, reliable IP infrastructure supporting delivery of digital media services, including gaming, text and video messaging, and video-on-demand, allowing you to launch bundles of new and complex services quickly and cost-effectively;

  • Scaleable, secure network access solutions, including Ethernet-To-The Cell Site solutions, SONET rings and  point-to-point DSx/OCx services, to meet evolving cell site and switching center infrastructure requirements;

  • Seamless, high quality local-to-global network with international call termination services, including CLI and voice messaging, to help you expand into new markets while supporting your changing network technology requirements;

  • Contact management solutions with rich features like network to desktop integration, call routing and consolidated reporting, which allows you to provide the best overall service to your subscribers, employees and partners, increasing subscriber satisfaction and reducing churn;

  • AT&T Labs, which is on the cutting edge of digital development and leading the innovation behind advanced services such as  AT&T Internet Protect SM and VoIP services;

  • AT&T BusinessDirect®, a suite of online self-service tools that help you optimize network performance and control and increase productivity and cost efficiency providing seamless pass-through from your ordering systems to AT&T's systems for quick provisioning and trouble ticketing.

Look to AT&T for a comprehensive suite of network solutions backed by industry-leading SLAs. With AT&T services, you can expand your network capacity and coverage, have the operational flexibility to advance to new technology platforms, and launch new services in a flash. You'll have scalable options to support various types of connectivity and exploding bandwidth needs.

To take advantage of the growing potential of mobile networks, you need global reach and operational support for every voice and data call. We offer the only network that connects to over 238 countries and territories and includes more than 400 correspondents and suppliers worldwide. With hundreds of professionals dedicated to the wholesale market, AT&T is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of wireless operators.

Simply put, AT&T is the carrier of choice for network and service quality.