For decades, carriers have turned to AT&T to tap our wealth of industry, technical and operational expertise. In today's challenging market, competition and technology changes are pressuring carriers to adapt.  AT&T's large portfolio of products and services offers you scalable network infrastructure, pricing certainty, guaranteed availability, and high-quality service.  Using AT&T products and services facilitates seamless network expansion and helps you to bring new value-added products to market faster than ever before.

AT&T's award-winning network enables you to extend your footprint, strengthen your network infrastructure and retain customers with the largest portfolio of voice, video and data services. With AT&T's MPLS-based IP network you can create and manage the VoIP and IP VPN solutions your customers demand.

Here's how AT&T delivers:

  • AT&T's comprehensive suite of network solutions extends voice applications into a converged IP environment while protecting existing investments and business operations. Incorporate AT&T's advancements in VPN solutions, VoIP, high-speed data, virtual private line service, MPLS, and Ethernet access to your existing applications;

  • AT&T's scalable infrastructure allows you to seamlessly expand your network for local, long distance and international connectivity with traditional voice/data or IP services;

  • AT&T's mission-critical data, IP and security solutions enable you to build flexibility, high reliability, performance and scalability into your service offerings.

  • The value of our network's performance and reliability reduces your operational costs and provides the security your customers demand.

  • Value-added application services like customer-branded directory assistance, operator services and calling cards facilitate internal operations and administrative support and provide new revenue generation opportunities.

  • AT&T's Business Direct® (e-sales and services tool) and AT&T network management services, provide secure, real-time order entry and performance information unmatched in the industry, allowing you to maximize your productivity and reduce your costs.

  • Contact management solutions leverage AT&T's expertise in CRM and toll-free services with offer-rich features like network-to-desktop integration, call routing and consolidated reporting to help you increase subscriber retention and provide outstanding service.

By teaming with AT&T, you can be sure that your business is in good hands. You'll expand your coverage, gain the operational expertise to migrate customers to new platforms, and benefit from our business acumen and financial stability.

AT&T offers:

  • The most comprehensive set of capabilities in the industry;
  • An award-winning network connecting to more than 238 countries and territories, as well as more than 400 correspondents and suppliers worldwide; and
  • Experienced operational support with hundreds of professionals dedicated to the wholesale market.

AT&T sits at the forefront of the telecommunications frontier, driving growth and innovation, to prepare your network and your customers for the explosion of new data applications and the exponential demand for bandwidth. With AT&T Labs exploring the cutting edge of digital experimentation and research, AT&T leads the development of advanced new services for carriers helping you to provide a solid foundation for your customer offers. And it's all backed by strong SLAs that define our service quality. As a leader in the wholesale long distance voice/data market with hundreds of professionals dedicated to wholesale, AT&T is uniquely positioned to meet your demands. That's why we are the carrier of choice for you.

Look to AT&T to help you protect your most valuable asset - your customers.