Content Providers

In a growing and rapidly changing marketplace, content providers require large-scale Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), transit, access and hosting services to support their customer base. AT&T offers content providers needed network infrastructure extensions, quality of service, storage options and high levels of security to help them deliver bandwidth-intensive applications such as gaming and video.

To support subscriber services from content providers, AT&T delivers:

  • AT&T Managed Internet Service (MIS) to optimize Internet access and performance via a robust feature set including strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and high-capacity throughput.
  • Hosting services that present storage options to alleviate capacity bottlenecks and maintain continuous network performance.
  • AT&T Intelligent Content Distribution Service (ICDS) to significantly improve capacity, reliability and performance by taking advantage of AT&T's extraordinary network capacity and impressive peering capabilities, thus reducing server farm bandwidth and horsepower requirements.
  • Robust security services that help to assess vulnerabilities, protect network infrastructure, detect attacks and respond to suspicious activities and events.
  • Disaster recovery, and load-balancing options with VPN and data-networking integration.

Solutions from AT&T help content providers deliver a comprehensive range of innovative products and services such as content aggregation, entertainment (video and music downloads, online gaming), eApplication (Web conferencing) and e-Commerce to their customers.