Enhanced Service Provider

Today's Internet Service Provider (ISP) demands flexibility to thrive.  From ATM to Frame Relay to Wholesale DSL Transport, you must have the ability to scale quickly to meet the demands of your end users.  With the proliferation of data-intensive products and services, it has never been more important for you to provide your customers with a reliable application delivery network. AT&T provides the local connectivity solutions plus customized products and services you need to succeed.

AT&T's award-winning network enables ISPs* to extend their footprint, strengthen their network infrastructure and retain customers with the largest portfolio of voice, video, and data network solutions, all backed by strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  Within AT&T's 22-state footprint, AT&T delivers a world-class network and the scope to design customer-defined solutions.  Our highly skilled, globally-deployed professionals implement premium business and project management practices that can be incorporated into your market strategy and business plan.

AT&T offers an exciting family of data products specifically designed for ISPs, which will enable you to scale and successfully implement new and exciting offers that connect to your customers in innovative ways.  Our world-class internet infrastructure provides the foundation for an internet service that you can offer to your own customers.  In addition, AT&T has a dedicated sales organization specializing in serving ISPs.  AT&T delivers:

  • AT&T's Wholesale DSL Transport Service by AT&T Advanced Solutions (ATTAS), providing a secure access service allowing you to deliver content using AT&T's robust network with download speeds up to 6.0 Mbps and upload speeds from 128 Kbps to 768 Kbps;
  • AT&T Managed Internet Service (MIS), providing seamless integration, convergence of applications, and delivery of internet traffic throughout the world using our Frame Relay and Asynchronous Transfer Mode  (ATM) services, which aggregate and enable high-speed transmission of voice, data, video, and multimedia applications on a single network;
  • A suite of long haul and IP solutions that incorporate the latest MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) Virtual Private Network (VPN), Voice over IP (VoIP) and virtual private line technologies;
  • A variety of Metro Optical access solutions for remote, point-to-point, ring, Ethernet, and metropolitan area network access;
  • Wireless technology solutions, including Wi-Fi and WiMAX for broadband wireless access.




*AT&T Advanced Solutions, Inc., sells DSL transport on a wholesale basis to authorized ISPs (click here for a list of those in Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin) who use it to provide high speed DSL Internet Access services to their customers. These ISPs are not affiliated with AT&T Advanced Solutions, Inc., or SBC Internet Services, and you will need to contact them directly if you wish to purchase their DSL Internet access services. The prices and service offerings may vary by ISP. Please check with your choice of provider for details.

Look to AT&T for a comprehensive suite of network solutions backed by strong SLAs.  You'll expand your coverage, as well as gain the operational expertise to migrate customers to new platforms and launch new services in a flash.  You'll have flexible options to support your end users' various types of connectivity and exploding bandwidth needs.

To take advantage of the growing potential of ISP services and products, you need global reach and operational support for every data transmission.  AT&T's network connects to over 238 countries and territories and includes more than 400 correspondents and suppliers worldwide.  As a leader in the wholesale data market, with hundreds of professionals dedicated to the wholesale market, AT&T is uniquely positioned to meet your demands.

Simply put, AT&T is the carrier of choice for network and service quality.