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AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services [PDF, 397KB]

AT&T Enterprise Hosting Services offer you a rich portfolio of flexible hosting solutions including security, storage, intelligent content distribution, disaster recovery and load balancing options with VPN and data networking integration.

AT&T Server Monitoring & Management [PDF, 368KB]

AT&T Server Monitoring & Management Services are a suite of capabilities that support your hosting environment including your software, operating system, web, application, database and other servers in an AT&T Internet Data Center or your own Data Center.

AT&T Application Acceleration [PDF, 663KB]

This brochure provides an overview of AT&T's Application Acceleration capabilities, which can improve Web application performance and user experience for customers hosted in AT&T IDCs.

AT&T Integrated Global Enterprise Management System (iGEMS) [PDF, 440KB]

This Product Brief shows how the AT&T iGEMS platform helps clients meet their business objectives by monitoring and managing the performance of a client's network, servers, and applications through advanced root-cause fault analysis and event correlation.

AT&T BusinessDirect Portal [PDF, 502KB]

This Product Brief provides an overview of the AT&T BusinessDirect® Portal, a value-added extension of our managed services that provides enhanced visibility and control of a managed solution.

AT&T Internet Data Center Transformation [PDF, 369KB]

This Product Brief provides an overview of AT&T Internet Data Center Transformation, a single-source solution from AT&T for migrating a internet data or hosting center from one location to another. The service includes project planning, preparation, management, hardware (HW) and software (SW) migration planning, connectivity, migration, planning, mover coordination, and multi-vendor management with single-sourced accountability.