Local Voice Domestic-Regional

AT&T provides wholesale local access services to local voice service telecommunications carriers across AT&T's incumbent serving areas.

AT&T Local Wholesale Complete TM

AT&T Local Wholesale CompleteTM (LWCTM) is an end-to-end wholesale local service solution that is available to local voice service telecommunications carriers across AT&T's incumbent serving areas. This commercial offering is designed to provide local service providers with a local telephony capability for residential and business end users, including traditional circuit switch based vertical features and ancillary services such as operator and directory assistance services. LWCTM provides flexibility for each wholesale customer to customize a plan that's unique to their strategic business initiatives.   Download Brochure

Commercial Inside Wire Maintenance Plan

Commercial Inside Wire Maintenance Plan (CIWMP) is available to AT&T Wholesale LWCTM local voice service providers for use with their LWCTM served local voice basic analog dial tone (simple POTS) end users. CIWMP is designed to improve the level of customer service that AT&T's LWCTM customers deliver to their end users by using AT&T network technicians that may already be responding to LWCTM trouble reports. This offering makes available a repair service for the inside wire from the LWCTM served end user's network interface device (NID) to the connection at the end user's customer premise equipment (e.g., the jack). Using AT&T network technicians eliminates the need for multiple technician dispatches and related costs. Instead, the end user's trouble can be addressed with a single dispatch, i.e., one-stop repair from AT&T. Download Brochure

271 Local Switching

This offering allows CLECs to order stand-alone switch ports (port to co-location cage) under the terms and provisions of the AT&T Commercial Agreement. This service provides for originating and terminating local calls and includes exchange access.  This service can be an adjunct to the LWC Commercial Agreement. Please check with an AT&T Account Representative for availability.


Resale services are available to non-facilities based CLECs. Products and services offered for Resale are those services that are available to AT&T retail customers. Products/services included are:


Access Lines - Residence and Business
 - Flat Rated Service
 - Message Rated Service
 - Measured Rated Service
 - Local Usage and Calling Plans
 - Extended Calling Services (Mandatory and Non-Mandatory)
 - Hunting
 - Foreign Exchange Service
 - Remote Call Forwarding Service
 - Temporary Disconnect Service
Directory Assistance and Listings
Payphone Services
Lifeline Services
PBX and Centrex/Plexar® Services
 - Lines
 - Stations
 - Trunks, including Direct Inward Dial
 - Features
Vertical Services (e.g., Caller ID, Call Waiting, and 3-Way Calling)
 - Subscription
 - Pay-Per-Use
IntraLATA Toll
 - Per Minute
 - Optional Calling Plans
 - 800 and WATS Service
 - Toll Restriction Service

 - Analog Private Line
 - ISDN Services: BRI, PRI
 - DSO, DS1, DS3
 - OCN/SONET Services (OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192, etc.)
 - GigaMan®, FibreMANSM, OPT-E-MAN®, MON/MON Ring
 - DecaMAN®
 - Customized Switched Metropolitan Ethernet (CSME)

Wholesale Inside Wire Plan - Resale

Wholesale Inside Wire Plan (WIWP) is an optional plan available to CLECs for maintenance and installation work beyond the AT&T network interface device (NID) on resale access lines. WIWP is offered on a stand-alone basis. This offer includes monthly maintenance and/or work on a "time and materials" basis.

Yellow & White Pages

AT&T Yellow & White Pages Listing and Directory Services commercial offering to CLECs includes both white and yellow page listings, enhanced directory distribution, verification and quality assurance tools, and other enhanced directory services.  

Switched Access

Switched Access service provides a two-point communication path between AT&T's wholesale customer's premises and an end user's premises. The physical connection allows messages to pass through the switching equipment of the end office or access tandem and provides for the use of common switching and trunking facilities, as well as common subscriber plant. Switched Access can be paired with AT&T Network Connection, Subscription Services and Billing & Collection Services.  Click here for more information about AT&T's Switched Access services.

IntraLata Wholesale Services

IntraLATA Wholesale Service (IWS) is a product that allows interexchange carriers to provide intraLATA toll to their end users without having to invest in their own network. This product provides use of the AT&T LEC network on a minutes-of-use basis.   Download brochure