Local Voice Domestic-US

AT&T provides wholesale local access services for terminating intraLATA local, intraLATA toll and VoIP-originated voice calls within the continental United States. 


PrimePlex is a complete, stand-alone local service with T1 digital trunking that integrates the voice, video and switched data capabilities of ISDN PRI (Integrated Switched Digital Network Primary Rate Interface) technology over the same platform. 

Calls can be dynamically routed across any of the channels, not restricted to a pre-defined set of channels. All ISDN services are delivered on 64 Kbps channels that can be grouped together for higher data throughput or bandwidth-hungry video demands. Primeplex can be used in conjunction with Uniplan, OneNet LD, Teleconferencing or the AT&T Card Platform.

PrimeConnect/PrimeConnect PRI

PrimeConnect and PrimeConnect PRI support heavy users of local incoming traffic such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Application Service Providers (ASPs) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) using digital DS1 facilities. ISPs use the service to enable their customers to dial a local (non-toll) number to access the public Internet. ASPs use the service to support their subscribers'  high-demand access to their internal intranets. Customers with remote workers, virtual offices and distributed sales forces use these services to support dial-up VPNs for remote access to corporate systems.

PrimeConnect is a one-way (inbound) high-volume digital DS1 with in-band multi-frequency signaling. PrimeConnect PRI offers an ISDN-PRI DS-1 local access solution that provides even higher access speeds.


PrimeXpress is a stand-alone local service with T1 digital trunking that provides access to AT&Ts local, IntraLATA toll and long distance networks. With this service, AT&T offers a competitive alternative to the Incumbent Local Exchange Companies (ILECs) in local markets. PrimeXpress can be used in conjunction with Uniplan, OneNet LD and Teleconferencing.


PrimePath is an ideal stand-alone local telecommunications solution for a PBX, key system, modem or fax. It is a DS0 level service offer that provides analog business and key lines, business line features and analog business trunks. 

PrimePath uses a fully-functional DS0 level connection which allows phone calls to originate and terminate between the customer's location (analog switch) and the AT&T Local Network Service (LNS). This service is intended for business customers with moderate call volumes (up to 48 business lines, or 6 - 20 trunks).

Interexchange Carrier Gateway

Interexchange Carrier (IXC) Gateway is an alternate tandem access service that gives AT&T customers the capability to terminate voice traffic to their end users in specific LATAs where the service is offered. It is designed primarily for IXCs, Wireless Service Providers (WSPs), and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) to terminate their aggregated interstate and intrastate voice traffic at an attractive rate. It also includes a Feature Group D trunk between AT&T's LNS switch and the customer's switch or Point of Interface (POI).