Verification Services

Reduce the risk of both fraudulent activity and unbillable charges with AT&T Local Exchange Company Pre-billing Verification (LPV) Service, allowing you to validate information regarding an AT&T end user in real-time so that you can make an informed decision before completing your transactions. 

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This validation product provides you with verification of an AT&T customer’s name and address; if in service for more than 6 months, if call blocks are present and much more.   LPV can be used for verification and fraud prevention and will assist you in determining whether charges could be billed on the AT&T Telco bill BEFORE allowing the transaction to complete.   Based upon customer criteria and end-user information, the following type of questions can be answered: 

  •  Is the telephone number in service?
  •  Has the telephone number been in service for more than 6 months?
  •  Does the name and address match what your records reflect?
  •  Are there company initiated restrictions in place for this telephone number?